Monday, 19 June 2017

Pommie Down Under #2

Its probably about time that i do an update on here. Ive escaped to the reception to get good internet and some peace and quiet. Internet is good, quiet is not so much. To say I've been quiet on the ol' blog is definitely  an understatement. 

So, if your not aware, Zoe moved into a hostel. I know. After one of my last blogposts were i said i hated them, i moved into another one. Its nicer. Much nicer and i like it here. Everyone is friendly, its clean, warm and homely. I am in a 8 room dorm, which i never thought i would go into, but here i am. I have now been in here for nearly 3 weeks, which is crazy as its gone so quickly. I am still unemployed, which is the bain of my life and we wont even go onto that topic because it just gives a mixture of emotions at the moment. 

I also turned 24. Cant say it feels any different, but yeah, I'm pretty much a 1/4 of the way through my life, which is fucking terrifying. I cant say i enjoyed my birthday this year, infact, i hated it. I was indreibly homesick and i was very close to booking a flight home and calling it a day. I know i say i hate my birthday and i do, but i didnt realise how hard i would find it being away from my family. I have only ever spent 1 birthday away from them. I turned 10 and i was on a school trip to Holmbury St Mary. If i re-call back to that, i also cried on that day. Safe to say, i think I'm a homebird. I tried to keep my tears at bay on Monday (day before my birthday) but i woke crying and sent a message to my mum and dad just calling it a day and telling them I'm coming home. My god, this is making me mosh just typing this. Anyway, i sucked it up and spent the morning and some of the afternoon just holding back the tears. I cant remember what i was doing, but i was going into my suitcase and i just burst out in tears. The blubbering whale had made a return. I got all my emotions out and then rang my mum and spent more time crying and made her crying. Feeling homesick is fucking horrible. I hated it and really don't want to experience it again, but i have a sneaky suspicion it will come back. I cant really explain it, but if you've been travelling or your going travelling, i just think its a natural thing to have. I was really embarrassed to be honest and i still kinda am to be writing this, but hey this is life and shit happens. 

Anyway, so thats my update. Nothing really interesting, but thought whilst i have the time an update would be good on my blog. I really need to get back into it 24/7 and now I've found the best internet in the hostel, i will certainly be doing more posts on here so keep tuned!

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