Thursday, 25 May 2017

The First Reaction

Back at Easter time, i experienced my first ever allergic reaction to eating nuts. I nearly typed butts then. Anyway, it was a scary experience and one that i dont wish to have again. I think I've always taken my nut allergy for granted. I've always joked about it and never really saw it as a serious thing and admittedly, i still think its hilarious, which i know i shouldn't. 

It all began when i was visiting my family over easter. My cousin cooked dinner and it was pesto pasta. I knew that pesto had nuts in, but after a conversation i had with my dentist, she told me pesto was okay because pine nuts weren't actually a nut. My dentist and I, have a long history of me being a little shit to her when i was younger and i don't particularly like her, but i decided to listen and trust her. Stupid me. So dinner was dished up and after the first mouthful i knew. I knew, this was not going to go well. I didn't say anything to my family and i just kept on eating. I should have stopped after the first mouthful, but i didn't want to be rude. I kept on eating just thinking i was gonna die at any point. I could feel my throat getting smaller and becoming so itchy. It got to the point where i just said, i cant eat anymore because i think its got nuts in. They all just looked at me like fuck, we forgot. I wasn't expecting them to remember because its not something i tell people when i first meet like. Anyway, the first they asked me was do you have your epic-pens. In true Zoe style, i said no. I never take them anywhere with me, which i know is bad and i should, but i just didn't think i would need them. 

So after this, i plodded off to my room and quickly searched for my anti -histamines. Well, it turned out my anti-histamines weren't normal tablets and they were only for hay fever symptoms. I didn't tell my family as i didn't want to make a scene. At this point, breathing was getting hard and i was starting to panic. My stomach was like a rock and i knew that at some point i was going to be sick and oh boy i was. I will skip the details on that part, but let me just say projectile. You can picture the rest if you want, but I'm not recommending it. After i was sick, i did feel better, but i still had trouble breathing. For me, i tried to remain calm at all points, because i knew that i started to panic a lot, it was make things 10x worse. I just counted in my head up to eight and breathed in through my nose and then out through my mouth. Luckily, i had an app on my phone that i had been listening to which was all about breathing techniques for meditation, so i was just trying to remember these. 

It was at this point, i thought it best that i go to the doctors just to be on the safe side. I knew they couldn't do anything, as it wasn't serious enough. I walked into the doctors and i had to talk. Holy shit. I couldn't speak, well, i could, but it literally just sounded like something had really bad cold and was bunged up. I tried to explain it, but the lady at the reception was just looking at me like i was a fruit loop. In the end i managed to tell her what would happen and surprise surprise, she asked if i had my epi-pens on me. I just looked down in shame and said no and she had  just looked at me like i was a fucking idiot and to be fair, i was for forgetting them. 

Safe to say the next day, i felt like complete and utter death. Luckily it was good Friday, so nothing was open. I think i just chilled out and continued to feel awful and feel sorry for myself. I could breathe normally and i survived the night which were the main things. I had an itchy throat and then i developed cold like symptoms and these lasted for a good 2 weeks. 

My epi-pens now come everywhere with me. I keep one in my backpack when when I'm at work and then the other is kept in my bedside table. I also have my inhalers with me, which probably need to be replaced soon, so i will have to get that done next month, when my epi-pens run out. I have just checked my inhalers and they ran out in 2015, so i think i may need to get some more pretty soon. Anyway, there wasn't really a purpose to this blogpost, i just wanted to share my story with anyone who wants to read it. 

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