Monday, 15 May 2017

Pommie Down Under #1

Today i thought it would be nice to do an update on my travels so far. Something quite chilled and informal, so basically just a chit chat.

I have now been in the land of Oz for just over 2 months. I cant believe how quickly its gone, i literally feel like I've been here a week. Before we know it, it will be my birthday and then it will be christmas, which is even more crazy! Anyway, so its gone quickly and I'm still loving everything about it, even though i haven't really ventured that far, i love it. To me, it feels like home. Maybe my real parents are from here, which is why i feel at home and then they shipped me back to England where i grew up with my adoptive parents?!? Who knows, but that is all a joke. Im not adopted, its just something my family and I joke about. Anyway, I've broken it down into segments, so i will go through them all below.

Firstly lets talk about the hostels. I was extremely sceptical about staying in a hostel and i still am. When i got to the hostel i was in for a 3 nights, my first reaction was literally 'WTF'. I actually paid for a full week, but as soon as i walked into my room, i just said to myself, i need to get out of here and i need to get out of here quickly. It was a mixture of things, such as the bunk beds, the concrete flooring, the toilets, no storage/lockers and craming 4 girls into the smallest room possible. Lets start with the bunk beds. As a bigger gal, i was a bit worried about getting up and down to the bed and also the bed collapsing and squashing the poor girl underneath me. The bed had no rail on the side, so i could have easily fallen out and probs died on that concrete flooring. Getting up the the top bunk was fine, but getting down was a fucking nightmare. I jumped of it the first time and really hurt my leg, so that was out of the cards. The second time, i took time, probably about an hour, to analyse the best way to get down. I was literally just sitting there, thinking 'fuck, I'm never gonna be able to get myself down'. I can remember on the Thursday morning, i was just starring at the end of the bed, thinking how the fuck am i gonna do this. There were 2 other girls fast asleep, so i was conscious of not waking them up, but i also really needed a pee, so i didn't wanna wet myself on the top bunk. In the end, i made it down and made sure i didn't have to go back up there until i went to bed. Then there was the social aspect of the hostel. I am not a drinker, so i automatically felt out of place. Everyone judges you for not drinking and they just automatically have that stigma that your a boring shit. Okay, so i may be boring sometimes, but pretty much 100% of my favourite nights out in the UK were from when i was sober and its way cheaper. I didn't really click with anyone at first, because they just weren't my cup of tea and not the type of people that i would hang out with. I did make one really good friend, who was my roommate, but we didn't know that until later on Wednesday evening. I know i am going to have to go back into a hostel, so i need to get over my fear of them pretty darn quickly. I can admit that I'm probably a bit of a snob when it comes to hostel, but i need to embrace the suitcaser title (i don't have a backpack, so i cant call myself a backpacker) and wherever i move onto next, just embrace the hostel, have an open mind and not be a snob.

As i was saying in the last paragraph, i moved out of the hostel on the Saturday, after being there for 3 days. As soon as i walked into the room, i was straight on gumtree looking for share houses. I found one that sounded really nice, went to view it on the Thursday and moved in on the Saturday. I was so keen to get out of the hostel, i literally just took the first thing i had seen. I am still here today and i am hoping that i will be moving out soon if all things go well. As much as i enjoy it here, i don't feel comfortable if that makes sense. My landlady is just very particular, has major OCD and is extremely petty over minor things, such as crumbs. I am not gonna get into it, but i am hoping to move out of here by the end of the month, if not sooner. If not, then i am hopefully gonna move into another share house with some friends which will be really good and fun!

Work is pretty much non existent at the moment. Grape picking has finished and i have done a more in depth post about this here. I am currently waiting to hear back from someone to see if they can give me any work, but for now, I'm getting bored everyday waiting for the pruning season to start or to hear back from a company. I used to say i could happily sit around and do shit all. Thats starting to change. Don't get me wrong the odd day i can do it, but not day after day after day.

When it comes to home, family and friends back in the UK, i am not missing them as much as i thought i would be. Soz mum. Don't get me wrong, i miss my family and my little puppies so much, probs more then my parents. I miss the banter i could have with them, the lunches on the weekends and the fact i could be an absolute fruit loop around them and know that they just think 'WTF is she doing'. Its not been as hard as i thought, but i think that because I've been to uni and experienced being away from them, its prepared me for this. Okay, i did go home every weekend in the 2nd semester, but i feel like its still prepared me. I think i have days which are harder then others and I hate missing out on big family events, but I'm used to it now and although I've only missed one, i know that I'm making memories and creating a new life for myself on the other side of the world. I also speak to my parents on a near daily basis and we pretty much FaceTime nearly every Sunday or Saturday. If I'm speaking to my mum, we normally FaceTime as one of us normally cant be bothered to type. We are just both lazy. Having family in Aus, also really helps, because i know that they are here for me if i need them and i can talk to them. I also miss my makeup loads. I know thats a really sad thing to say, but i just miss not being able to sit around and play with it. Its made me realise that i really do want to pursue a career in makeup, i would just like some training to make me more confident doing other peoples makeup. With regards to friends, i do miss my friends as well. I don't really speak to them that much, but i do speak to my best friends, Holly & Katie, quite a lot and we just have general chit chat, same as we would if i were back in the UK. I think being away and having time to reflect, has really put some friendships into perspectives and its made me realise who my true friends are and even though I'm starting to cut some friendships, i know that its the best thing for me and at the end of the day, you have to do whats best for you and no one else.

So the final topic is the future. Realistically, i have no idea where I'm gonna be in 3 months from now. I have a rough idea actually, so lets change that to 6 months. In 6 months, i have no idea where i will be. I could be catching crocodiles in Darwin or Cairns #dreamjob, i could be in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. I know that i want to be on the east side by October/November and i think i will start with Melbourne and then work my way up. However, i cant predict whats going to happen and when it will happen. This used to scare the shit out of me, but now, i find it exciting not knowing where i will be, whether ill be travelling alone, sleeping in a car, hitchhiking (don't worry mum, I'm not that stupid) or maybe i will win millions and finally be able to buy a yatch. The last one probably won't happen either, but the best part about travelling is you just don't know. Unless you plan your trip like an organised person would do, but I'm not organised. I think my rents will be coming out for Christmas this year, so i would like to be in Sydney with them as i know my Dad really wants to see the east coast, so i am pretty excited for that.

So, another post done. I have lots of excitement for my travels and although, I'm secretly shitting myself at the thought of everything, I'm also so excited to see Australia and find the best destination. I cant wait to share my journeys, experiences, thoughts and just general stuff on my blog. 

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