Sunday, 21 May 2017

24th Birthday Wishlist


Todays post, i feel maybe a bit pointless. Maybe a lot pointless actually, but i have done one of these wishlists every year since having my blog. I wanted to carry on the tradition even though, i know i wont be getting any of these anytime soon. I am not actually celebrating my birthday this year. I hate my birthday and i just would rather think of it as another day, because thats all it is to me and i just dont see why i need to celebrate getting older. I know i am a debbie downer about my birthday, but im okay with it. However, i would say there are 4 items which i do actually want for my birthday this year, but the question is will i get them? Probably not.

First of, lets start with the obvious. Money. I couldn't actually find a picture of money i liked, so i just used this purse, which is pretty cool. Its from Skinnydip London and its only £12, which is a bargain. Its actually sold out on the website, but thats not the point. Being a backpacker with no job is hard. Australia is fecking expensive and i can honestly say, i only spend my money on a couple of the necessities and before i know it, my money has gone. I know that i will get money for my birthday because i always do, so its a bit of a no brainer. 

Of course, i could do a wishlist without adding makeup. As you can see, its probably all makeup on here, but i have tried to add some other bits and bobs. Ever since i've been in Aus, i have had a lot of thinking to do and its made me realise how much i actually do want to pursue a career in makeup. Ive been following makeup for a long time now and theres one makeup artist in particular whose work i admire so much and thats given me the inspiration and motivation. Anyway, the point of this paragraph is i have always wanted to try Morphe brushes. I have heard so many people rave about them, but ive never tried them. I have a palette from them, which i fricking love, but there brushes are the items that capture my eyes the most. The set i have pictured above, which is Set 702, 12 piece eye-credible set is only $24, which is a bloody steal. I was expecting them to be more like $90, as i know how expensive makeup is in Australia! 

Next up is another Morphe product. This time, its the infamous 35o palette. I literally think everyones and their cousins pet guinea pig has either got this or heard about it. I think i've put this on another wishlist recently and i am sure its even been on previous birthday wishlists. Not a lot to say about this, apart from it looks amazing, the colours are colours of my dreams. Based on the Morphe palette which i currently have, i know that this one would be a asset to my makeup collection. Unsurprisingly, this is sold out on the Cult Beauty website and i don't think i've ever seen it available to buy straight away.

Now, i couldn't do a wishlist, without having a Jo Malone perfume on it. I have literally just run out of the one i bought myself at Christmas, so i am perfumeless until i get a new one. I have asked my mum to get me this and then give it to my Uncle for when he comes back over to Aus. I was tossing up between 2 scents. My favourite is the Peony and Blush Suede, but at christmas, i bought my mum the Orange Blossom perfume, but the scent for her was too strong. I absolutely love the scent and feel like its great for Summer and Spring. This is a difficult decision, but also a hint to my sister. Not to obvious i hope. I was looking at the price in aussie dollars, but unless i somehow win millions, there is no way i am buying this over here. 

This one is pretty pointless, but look how pretty this is. I love peonies and they are my all time favourite flower. When i saw this, i couldn't resist putting it on my wishlist. Its definitely something that i will have in my house, whenever i can afford my own house that is. They are from a website called AllModern. I have never even heard of them before, but they do homeware, furniture, decor etc. I can see myself browsing their website for hours, planning my house out. Its a US based website and they only ship to the US, which is a massive bummer, but at least i can still spend hours browsing their website.

I probably dont need another pair on sunglasses, however, i can make an exception for these beauties from Quay Australia. They are part of the Desi Perkins collab with Quay Australia. They are beautiful and i want them. Although, its not really sunglasses weather in Australia at the moment, it still doesn't hurt to have a pair on hand, just in case. I love rose gold versions of the hi-keys, but also the black. I feel the rose gold would be a nice addition to my all black wardrobe. I don't think they are priced to badly either. For a good quality pair of sunnies, you would expect to pay around the £75 mark, but at £50, it makes these a steal. 

Oh look, another makeup product. What a surprise. I am pretty sure these Stila magnificent metal glitter & glow liquid eyeshadows have also been on a recent wishlist and i'm sure you can see why. I feel like the name is almost a tad bit too long, but hey, i'm not complaining if the product is amazing. I have seen a lot of good reviews about these products and it just makes me want one even more. Depending on how you look at them, you may think £23 is expensive for an eyeshadow, however, thats the price you pay for a higher end brand. I don't think £23 is bad at all and i would definitely pay this. 

I have just put the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil on here, because its my current favourite eyebrow product and i'm pretty much running  out of mine. I'm shade 4 for anyone that wants to know. I have just realised that the picture is of the goof proof pencil. Both pencils pretty much look identical, expect the precisely one has more of a pencil tip and the goof proof is more the shape of a highlighter tip. 

When i saw this phonecase, i literally just starred at my screen. I love novetly phonecases and this one is amazing and i want it. Its from Kate Spade and just look at how cool it is! I don't really know what to say about it, apart from its bloody amazing! A tad on the pricey side for a phone case, but its so cool and it would make my phone look even cooler. 

If you were to ask me what my dream eyeshadsow palette would look like, i would tell you warm browns, oranges, yellows and burgundys. Basically, this palette is my dream eyeshadow palette. All of the colours are amazing and colours that i would use, even the yellow. Its the Sunset Eyeshadow palette by Natasha Denona and i think im in love. I have heard amazing reviews about the brand and their products and this is just perfection. Its a tad pricey, but if you break it down into single eyeshadows, its actually only $11.67, which is actually really cheap. I dont know how this converts to the UK, but i think its about £7 per eyeshadow, which is the same price you would pay in boots for a single eyeshadow from L'Oreal or Rimmel. Its actually sold out, which breaks my heart, but hopefully it will return and i can get my hands on its beautifulness. 

I have started to put this onto my list as i joke. I know no one will ever buy this for me, but i like to put it on just for some fun. Its of course the Chanel Boy Bag. I am not even going to link it, because realistically, whats the point. I can dream that one day, it will be mine. 


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