Thursday, 25 May 2017

The First Reaction

Back at Easter time, i experienced my first ever allergic reaction to eating nuts. I nearly typed butts then. Anyway, it was a scary experience and one that i dont wish to have again. I think I've always taken my nut allergy for granted. I've always joked about it and never really saw it as a serious thing and admittedly, i still think its hilarious, which i know i shouldn't. 

It all began when i was visiting my family over easter. My cousin cooked dinner and it was pesto pasta. I knew that pesto had nuts in, but after a conversation i had with my dentist, she told me pesto was okay because pine nuts weren't actually a nut. My dentist and I, have a long history of me being a little shit to her when i was younger and i don't particularly like her, but i decided to listen and trust her. Stupid me. So dinner was dished up and after the first mouthful i knew. I knew, this was not going to go well. I didn't say anything to my family and i just kept on eating. I should have stopped after the first mouthful, but i didn't want to be rude. I kept on eating just thinking i was gonna die at any point. I could feel my throat getting smaller and becoming so itchy. It got to the point where i just said, i cant eat anymore because i think its got nuts in. They all just looked at me like fuck, we forgot. I wasn't expecting them to remember because its not something i tell people when i first meet like. Anyway, the first they asked me was do you have your epic-pens. In true Zoe style, i said no. I never take them anywhere with me, which i know is bad and i should, but i just didn't think i would need them. 

So after this, i plodded off to my room and quickly searched for my anti -histamines. Well, it turned out my anti-histamines weren't normal tablets and they were only for hay fever symptoms. I didn't tell my family as i didn't want to make a scene. At this point, breathing was getting hard and i was starting to panic. My stomach was like a rock and i knew that at some point i was going to be sick and oh boy i was. I will skip the details on that part, but let me just say projectile. You can picture the rest if you want, but I'm not recommending it. After i was sick, i did feel better, but i still had trouble breathing. For me, i tried to remain calm at all points, because i knew that i started to panic a lot, it was make things 10x worse. I just counted in my head up to eight and breathed in through my nose and then out through my mouth. Luckily, i had an app on my phone that i had been listening to which was all about breathing techniques for meditation, so i was just trying to remember these. 

It was at this point, i thought it best that i go to the doctors just to be on the safe side. I knew they couldn't do anything, as it wasn't serious enough. I walked into the doctors and i had to talk. Holy shit. I couldn't speak, well, i could, but it literally just sounded like something had really bad cold and was bunged up. I tried to explain it, but the lady at the reception was just looking at me like i was a fruit loop. In the end i managed to tell her what would happen and surprise surprise, she asked if i had my epi-pens on me. I just looked down in shame and said no and she had  just looked at me like i was a fucking idiot and to be fair, i was for forgetting them. 

Safe to say the next day, i felt like complete and utter death. Luckily it was good Friday, so nothing was open. I think i just chilled out and continued to feel awful and feel sorry for myself. I could breathe normally and i survived the night which were the main things. I had an itchy throat and then i developed cold like symptoms and these lasted for a good 2 weeks. 

My epi-pens now come everywhere with me. I keep one in my backpack when when I'm at work and then the other is kept in my bedside table. I also have my inhalers with me, which probably need to be replaced soon, so i will have to get that done next month, when my epi-pens run out. I have just checked my inhalers and they ran out in 2015, so i think i may need to get some more pretty soon. Anyway, there wasn't really a purpose to this blogpost, i just wanted to share my story with anyone who wants to read it. 

Sunday, 21 May 2017

24th Birthday Wishlist


Todays post, i feel maybe a bit pointless. Maybe a lot pointless actually, but i have done one of these wishlists every year since having my blog. I wanted to carry on the tradition even though, i know i wont be getting any of these anytime soon. I am not actually celebrating my birthday this year. I hate my birthday and i just would rather think of it as another day, because thats all it is to me and i just dont see why i need to celebrate getting older. I know i am a debbie downer about my birthday, but im okay with it. However, i would say there are 4 items which i do actually want for my birthday this year, but the question is will i get them? Probably not.

First of, lets start with the obvious. Money. I couldn't actually find a picture of money i liked, so i just used this purse, which is pretty cool. Its from Skinnydip London and its only £12, which is a bargain. Its actually sold out on the website, but thats not the point. Being a backpacker with no job is hard. Australia is fecking expensive and i can honestly say, i only spend my money on a couple of the necessities and before i know it, my money has gone. I know that i will get money for my birthday because i always do, so its a bit of a no brainer. 

Of course, i could do a wishlist without adding makeup. As you can see, its probably all makeup on here, but i have tried to add some other bits and bobs. Ever since i've been in Aus, i have had a lot of thinking to do and its made me realise how much i actually do want to pursue a career in makeup. Ive been following makeup for a long time now and theres one makeup artist in particular whose work i admire so much and thats given me the inspiration and motivation. Anyway, the point of this paragraph is i have always wanted to try Morphe brushes. I have heard so many people rave about them, but ive never tried them. I have a palette from them, which i fricking love, but there brushes are the items that capture my eyes the most. The set i have pictured above, which is Set 702, 12 piece eye-credible set is only $24, which is a bloody steal. I was expecting them to be more like $90, as i know how expensive makeup is in Australia! 

Next up is another Morphe product. This time, its the infamous 35o palette. I literally think everyones and their cousins pet guinea pig has either got this or heard about it. I think i've put this on another wishlist recently and i am sure its even been on previous birthday wishlists. Not a lot to say about this, apart from it looks amazing, the colours are colours of my dreams. Based on the Morphe palette which i currently have, i know that this one would be a asset to my makeup collection. Unsurprisingly, this is sold out on the Cult Beauty website and i don't think i've ever seen it available to buy straight away.

Now, i couldn't do a wishlist, without having a Jo Malone perfume on it. I have literally just run out of the one i bought myself at Christmas, so i am perfumeless until i get a new one. I have asked my mum to get me this and then give it to my Uncle for when he comes back over to Aus. I was tossing up between 2 scents. My favourite is the Peony and Blush Suede, but at christmas, i bought my mum the Orange Blossom perfume, but the scent for her was too strong. I absolutely love the scent and feel like its great for Summer and Spring. This is a difficult decision, but also a hint to my sister. Not to obvious i hope. I was looking at the price in aussie dollars, but unless i somehow win millions, there is no way i am buying this over here. 

This one is pretty pointless, but look how pretty this is. I love peonies and they are my all time favourite flower. When i saw this, i couldn't resist putting it on my wishlist. Its definitely something that i will have in my house, whenever i can afford my own house that is. They are from a website called AllModern. I have never even heard of them before, but they do homeware, furniture, decor etc. I can see myself browsing their website for hours, planning my house out. Its a US based website and they only ship to the US, which is a massive bummer, but at least i can still spend hours browsing their website.

I probably dont need another pair on sunglasses, however, i can make an exception for these beauties from Quay Australia. They are part of the Desi Perkins collab with Quay Australia. They are beautiful and i want them. Although, its not really sunglasses weather in Australia at the moment, it still doesn't hurt to have a pair on hand, just in case. I love rose gold versions of the hi-keys, but also the black. I feel the rose gold would be a nice addition to my all black wardrobe. I don't think they are priced to badly either. For a good quality pair of sunnies, you would expect to pay around the £75 mark, but at £50, it makes these a steal. 

Oh look, another makeup product. What a surprise. I am pretty sure these Stila magnificent metal glitter & glow liquid eyeshadows have also been on a recent wishlist and i'm sure you can see why. I feel like the name is almost a tad bit too long, but hey, i'm not complaining if the product is amazing. I have seen a lot of good reviews about these products and it just makes me want one even more. Depending on how you look at them, you may think £23 is expensive for an eyeshadow, however, thats the price you pay for a higher end brand. I don't think £23 is bad at all and i would definitely pay this. 

I have just put the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil on here, because its my current favourite eyebrow product and i'm pretty much running  out of mine. I'm shade 4 for anyone that wants to know. I have just realised that the picture is of the goof proof pencil. Both pencils pretty much look identical, expect the precisely one has more of a pencil tip and the goof proof is more the shape of a highlighter tip. 

When i saw this phonecase, i literally just starred at my screen. I love novetly phonecases and this one is amazing and i want it. Its from Kate Spade and just look at how cool it is! I don't really know what to say about it, apart from its bloody amazing! A tad on the pricey side for a phone case, but its so cool and it would make my phone look even cooler. 

If you were to ask me what my dream eyeshadsow palette would look like, i would tell you warm browns, oranges, yellows and burgundys. Basically, this palette is my dream eyeshadow palette. All of the colours are amazing and colours that i would use, even the yellow. Its the Sunset Eyeshadow palette by Natasha Denona and i think im in love. I have heard amazing reviews about the brand and their products and this is just perfection. Its a tad pricey, but if you break it down into single eyeshadows, its actually only $11.67, which is actually really cheap. I dont know how this converts to the UK, but i think its about £7 per eyeshadow, which is the same price you would pay in boots for a single eyeshadow from L'Oreal or Rimmel. Its actually sold out, which breaks my heart, but hopefully it will return and i can get my hands on its beautifulness. 

I have started to put this onto my list as i joke. I know no one will ever buy this for me, but i like to put it on just for some fun. Its of course the Chanel Boy Bag. I am not even going to link it, because realistically, whats the point. I can dream that one day, it will be mine. 


Friday, 19 May 2017

The Review: Neat 3B Action Cream

Today I thought I would do a review. I feel like there's been lots of posts about my travels and life recently so wanted to have a change and do a review. Today's review is on an amazing body care product. I don't think I've ever actually written about a body care product on my blog, so here's to the first post! Lets also take a moment to acknowledge the wash bag. How cute is this?!? Thank you to my lovely friend Katie for getting this as a leaving present.

So, this amazing product will be a life changer for anyone who suffers with chafing, otherwise known to my family and I as chub rub. If you have thick thighs then I'm pretty sure your gonna know what I'm talking about. The pain you get when your wearing shorts in the summer and you thighs are just chafing away, tearing your skin apart and leaving you in agony with red patches that are so close to blood drawing from your skin and then you pretty much end up walking like you've shit yourself. Don't we all look forward to that? I'm not the biggest fan of wearing shorts as I hate my legs, but when it's hot outside there's no way I'm gonna go out in my black jeans and slowly die and melt away.

When we first got to Australia, it was hot. I like the hot weather, but this was hot, humid and sticky. I think it was the 2nd or 3rd day we all went into town and went for a coffee. I can remember I basically stuck to the chair in the cafe and had to peel myself of when we left. We then went for a stroll along the foreshore and by the time we had done that my legs were in agony with chub rub. Our cousin had mentioned to us about this product and I was on a mission to find it. We eventually found a chemist and they had it. I didn't care what the price was, it was already worth every penny if it could prevent chub rub. I think it was only $14 which I was pleasently surprised at. Oh my god. I didn't realise how much of a life changer this would be! I can't remember when we next applied it, but holy shit, this stuff works! On the packaging it claims to be for between or beneath the breasts, buttocks and legs. Now I can't say I've tried it on my breasts or my buttocks and if I had, I'm not sure I would be sharing this with you, but i have tried it on my legs and it's an absolute bloody miracle. 

If your in the UK, i think its a little difficult to find, but i have done some research and a website called  Express Chemist sell it.  Its only £7, which is still cheap in my eyes. I would 100000009% recommend trying this out. Not only is it great for chub rub, but also sweat rash which at the moment, i get on my neck during and after I've been to the gym. So delightful, i know. 

The best way I have found to use it is to pop in it the fridge. I love putting creams in the fridge because they are so cooling with you apply them. You only need a pee sized amount, but I reckon this depends on the area you are applying it to. Typically I applied this just before we were heading out and then I wouldn't have chub rub for the rest of the day. Quite frankly, this product is an absolute life saver and I don't know what I would have done with out. Well, I do know what I would have done and I would have been in fucking agony with chub rub, but thanks to this little beauty I am no longer having to be in pain. If you ever see it, buy it without hesitation. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Pommie Down Under #1

Today i thought it would be nice to do an update on my travels so far. Something quite chilled and informal, so basically just a chit chat.

I have now been in the land of Oz for just over 2 months. I cant believe how quickly its gone, i literally feel like I've been here a week. Before we know it, it will be my birthday and then it will be christmas, which is even more crazy! Anyway, so its gone quickly and I'm still loving everything about it, even though i haven't really ventured that far, i love it. To me, it feels like home. Maybe my real parents are from here, which is why i feel at home and then they shipped me back to England where i grew up with my adoptive parents?!? Who knows, but that is all a joke. Im not adopted, its just something my family and I joke about. Anyway, I've broken it down into segments, so i will go through them all below.

Firstly lets talk about the hostels. I was extremely sceptical about staying in a hostel and i still am. When i got to the hostel i was in for a 3 nights, my first reaction was literally 'WTF'. I actually paid for a full week, but as soon as i walked into my room, i just said to myself, i need to get out of here and i need to get out of here quickly. It was a mixture of things, such as the bunk beds, the concrete flooring, the toilets, no storage/lockers and craming 4 girls into the smallest room possible. Lets start with the bunk beds. As a bigger gal, i was a bit worried about getting up and down to the bed and also the bed collapsing and squashing the poor girl underneath me. The bed had no rail on the side, so i could have easily fallen out and probs died on that concrete flooring. Getting up the the top bunk was fine, but getting down was a fucking nightmare. I jumped of it the first time and really hurt my leg, so that was out of the cards. The second time, i took time, probably about an hour, to analyse the best way to get down. I was literally just sitting there, thinking 'fuck, I'm never gonna be able to get myself down'. I can remember on the Thursday morning, i was just starring at the end of the bed, thinking how the fuck am i gonna do this. There were 2 other girls fast asleep, so i was conscious of not waking them up, but i also really needed a pee, so i didn't wanna wet myself on the top bunk. In the end, i made it down and made sure i didn't have to go back up there until i went to bed. Then there was the social aspect of the hostel. I am not a drinker, so i automatically felt out of place. Everyone judges you for not drinking and they just automatically have that stigma that your a boring shit. Okay, so i may be boring sometimes, but pretty much 100% of my favourite nights out in the UK were from when i was sober and its way cheaper. I didn't really click with anyone at first, because they just weren't my cup of tea and not the type of people that i would hang out with. I did make one really good friend, who was my roommate, but we didn't know that until later on Wednesday evening. I know i am going to have to go back into a hostel, so i need to get over my fear of them pretty darn quickly. I can admit that I'm probably a bit of a snob when it comes to hostel, but i need to embrace the suitcaser title (i don't have a backpack, so i cant call myself a backpacker) and wherever i move onto next, just embrace the hostel, have an open mind and not be a snob.

As i was saying in the last paragraph, i moved out of the hostel on the Saturday, after being there for 3 days. As soon as i walked into the room, i was straight on gumtree looking for share houses. I found one that sounded really nice, went to view it on the Thursday and moved in on the Saturday. I was so keen to get out of the hostel, i literally just took the first thing i had seen. I am still here today and i am hoping that i will be moving out soon if all things go well. As much as i enjoy it here, i don't feel comfortable if that makes sense. My landlady is just very particular, has major OCD and is extremely petty over minor things, such as crumbs. I am not gonna get into it, but i am hoping to move out of here by the end of the month, if not sooner. If not, then i am hopefully gonna move into another share house with some friends which will be really good and fun!

Work is pretty much non existent at the moment. Grape picking has finished and i have done a more in depth post about this here. I am currently waiting to hear back from someone to see if they can give me any work, but for now, I'm getting bored everyday waiting for the pruning season to start or to hear back from a company. I used to say i could happily sit around and do shit all. Thats starting to change. Don't get me wrong the odd day i can do it, but not day after day after day.

When it comes to home, family and friends back in the UK, i am not missing them as much as i thought i would be. Soz mum. Don't get me wrong, i miss my family and my little puppies so much, probs more then my parents. I miss the banter i could have with them, the lunches on the weekends and the fact i could be an absolute fruit loop around them and know that they just think 'WTF is she doing'. Its not been as hard as i thought, but i think that because I've been to uni and experienced being away from them, its prepared me for this. Okay, i did go home every weekend in the 2nd semester, but i feel like its still prepared me. I think i have days which are harder then others and I hate missing out on big family events, but I'm used to it now and although I've only missed one, i know that I'm making memories and creating a new life for myself on the other side of the world. I also speak to my parents on a near daily basis and we pretty much FaceTime nearly every Sunday or Saturday. If I'm speaking to my mum, we normally FaceTime as one of us normally cant be bothered to type. We are just both lazy. Having family in Aus, also really helps, because i know that they are here for me if i need them and i can talk to them. I also miss my makeup loads. I know thats a really sad thing to say, but i just miss not being able to sit around and play with it. Its made me realise that i really do want to pursue a career in makeup, i would just like some training to make me more confident doing other peoples makeup. With regards to friends, i do miss my friends as well. I don't really speak to them that much, but i do speak to my best friends, Holly & Katie, quite a lot and we just have general chit chat, same as we would if i were back in the UK. I think being away and having time to reflect, has really put some friendships into perspectives and its made me realise who my true friends are and even though I'm starting to cut some friendships, i know that its the best thing for me and at the end of the day, you have to do whats best for you and no one else.

So the final topic is the future. Realistically, i have no idea where I'm gonna be in 3 months from now. I have a rough idea actually, so lets change that to 6 months. In 6 months, i have no idea where i will be. I could be catching crocodiles in Darwin or Cairns #dreamjob, i could be in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. I know that i want to be on the east side by October/November and i think i will start with Melbourne and then work my way up. However, i cant predict whats going to happen and when it will happen. This used to scare the shit out of me, but now, i find it exciting not knowing where i will be, whether ill be travelling alone, sleeping in a car, hitchhiking (don't worry mum, I'm not that stupid) or maybe i will win millions and finally be able to buy a yatch. The last one probably won't happen either, but the best part about travelling is you just don't know. Unless you plan your trip like an organised person would do, but I'm not organised. I think my rents will be coming out for Christmas this year, so i would like to be in Sydney with them as i know my Dad really wants to see the east coast, so i am pretty excited for that.

So, another post done. I have lots of excitement for my travels and although, I'm secretly shitting myself at the thought of everything, I'm also so excited to see Australia and find the best destination. I cant wait to share my journeys, experiences, thoughts and just general stuff on my blog. 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Life of a Grape Picker

I made it through the grape picking season, well, 18 days of it. I have mixed feelings of it being done and over with. On one side my back is very very happy thats its not being put through its paces. I can't describe the pain my back has been in and when I've come home afterwards, the pain to just lie on my bed to get it straight is unreal. On the other side, my bank balance isn't looking forward to 6 weeks with no work. This will be a testing time and although i have applied for jobs, no one seems to want to hire anyone thats a backpacker. I am not surprised because they need long term people, but it is also just frustrating. This probably won't be a long post, but i just thought it would be a good idea to explain the typical day as a grape picker.

Okay, so, I worked with a farming agency down in Margaret River. For me, i wanted the security of not being screwed over at the end of the 88 days. Okay the pay isn't as good, but for me, its the trust and security of knowing I'm going to get my papers signed once I've finished. The typical day would all begin with a text. I have never known anything more annoying then having to wait for a text to say your working the next day. It would usually come around 4pm to 5pm, so you were basically waiting all day. It was even worse if you hadn't worked that day, as it made the days just drag on. Once I had received the text, i would get my bag ready for the next day. I would prepare some food, fill up my water bottles and make sure i had everything i would need. I normally left my snips and gloves in my car. Not sure why, but i just did. Once the early morning came, we usually started anywhere from 5.30am to 6.15am. I'd drive down to the office, park up and then just waited for my name to be called. It was like at school, waiting for the register to be done, except you got your tickets for the day and a piece of paper with directions and all that fun stuff on. We would then have to queue up in a line and the drivers would have to stand on a step. The non drivers would then be allocated cars to go in. I started off standing at the front, but i found myself slowly heading towards the back, just so i didn't have to make that awkward chat first thing in the morning. We then all met at a little spot down the road to follow our supervisor to site. I got lost. Twice. My little tin can just can't go fast, so he really struggled to keep up with everyone.

I forgot to say, the boss of the agency would give us a kangaroo briefing and what to do if we hit one. I only had that once and funnily enough on that day, we hit a kangaroo. Luckily, it wasn't my little car as i had a flat tyre, so i hoped in with another girl. I didn't even see it, but i felt it.

Anyway, once we were at the vineyard, we would get ready and then head of to the spot we were picking at. The supervisor would run through the usual spiel like don't pick disease or bird pecked grapes and fill your buckets up. Closer to the end of the season, i just zoned out at this point. Once you've heard that bit a million times, you know what your doing and its the same speech every time. We would then find our picking buddy and if you didn't have one you would get to pick on your own. I normally picked with people, but i did pick on my own a few times aswell, which i quite liked as i didn't feel like it was a competition, nor was i rushing to keep up with the other person. I think it was on my 2nd or 3rd day, i witnessed people running to the next vine panel. I think i laughed in my head and just thought why? Why would you run to a grapevine? Why would you run fullstop? But yeah, i slowly got used to it. I sometimes used to be really annoying and just walk really slow in front of people, but I'm a bit of a dick like that. 

I was expecting grape picking to be the hardest thing ever. Don't get my wrong, at times it was hard and other picks were easier, but its not as hard as i expected it to be. I think on m first day i picked  6 buckets and by the end i would at 78, so you do get quicker and you get a good routine and strategy of how to do it quickly. I wasn't the quickest person there by far and there were some people, who did 130 buckets. I don't know how anyone can pick that fast without taking something. There were also some good perks working on a vineyard. It was the Thursday before Good Friday and the manager and CEO of the vineyard came out and gave everyone a bottle of wine, which was so nice. As a t-totaller, i gave mine to my aunt and uncle. Towards the end, the owner of one of the vineyards supplied us breakfast. Oh. My. God. I am not a fan of salted caramel nor cream, but they had a selection between sweet pastries and donuts. Obviously i went for the salted caramel and cream donut and this thing was like heaven. It was so bloody delicious, words cant describe how amazing it was. Finally, on our last day, the same vineyard that supplied us breakfast, bought everyone a beer, which was so nice of them. I was the only one not to drink it, but it was still such a kind gesture. 

So thats pretty much the typical day in the life of a grape picker. Not very exciting, but it has been fun and I've met lots of different people from all across the world. I cant say I'm looking forward to the pruning, as 8 hours days in the rain, isn't my idea of fun, but i know that the 70 days i have left will be over in a flash. I hope. 

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

April Favourties

Its the time of the month, where bloggers gather there favourites for the month and then write about them. I used to do these back in the day, but then i stopped doing them, but I'm back doing one today and I'm excited to share these weird favourites with everyone.

Washing detergent. I can't believe this is actually in my favourites. I feel like my mum would be so proud of me. Anyway, since I'm now living on my own, I have to be an adult and this means buying adult things like washing detergent. I know we use this brand at home, I just think it's called something else but I'm not too sure, so hence why I got it. The scent of this one is amazing. At home it's called Strawberry Lily and it's the most amazing scent ever. Trying to explain scents is not my forte, but whether your in the UK or Australia, just buy it and smell it. It will blow your mind at how amazing it is. This is pretty much a necessity in every household and this is by far my favourite washing detergent ever, even though it's the only one I've ever tried. 

BAE is amazing. I love BAE. Bacon and eggs. I should probably call it BASE. Bacon and scrambled eggs. Typically eggs aren't my favourite food purely because of the smell. If a food smells bad, like eggs, cheese or fish then I normally don't eat it because the smell just makes me feel sick. After my old roommate at the hostel I was staying at was talking about eggs and how cheap they are, I just decided to buy some and make scrambled eggs and I have pretty much made scrambled eggs and bacon every day since. Of course I put stupid amounts of ketchup, sorry tomato sauce over it, but that's just how I like it. This doesn't relate, but every time I ask someone for ketchup they just look at me like I'm from another planet, so I have to remember it's tomato sauce, not ketchup. 

Sun cream is a fairly obvious one I feel. I can admit it's not something that I used to wear in the UK, because, well it's never sunny and the sun just never did anything to my skin. However, that's all changed. Being in Australia, where I've been told the o zone later is thin about 1000 times and the skin cancer rate is a lot higher, I find myself reaching for it more. I don't usually wear it unless I'm going to the beach, because for work my skin is covered and if I'm going to the town, I stick to the shade. I don't use a fancy brand, I just stick to Nivea. I have a factor 30 and a factor 50. I had to buy a factor 50 out here and I couldn't actually find any factor lower, which I think is actually really good. I did bring my factor 8 carrot suncream, but I think I may resemble a lobster if I apply that in the summer. 

Moisture Mist is life. I honestly I don't know how I survived without this. My dry skin is an absolute nightmare and this has become a saviour for me. It's a fine mist, so your not making that squinty face at the shock of the mist on your face. I like to use this after the shower, just to spritz onto my face, as that's when my face is normally the driest. It's also amazing if your sitting in the sun and you just need a quick refresh. It cools your down instantly and also moisturises your skin at the same time. What more could you want?!?

Benefit goof proof eyebrow pencil is my life. If you know me, then you know I love my eyebrows almost a little bit too much. I received a sample of this when Benefit were re-branding all their eyebrow products and I've not stopped using it since. I purchased the full size one at Gatwick because it was cheaper and it's still going strong. I don't do my eyebrows that often these days, only if I'm in the mood to do them or I'm going out in the evening. This pencil is super fine and you don't need to apply much pressure for it to be visible on the skin. It also has a spoolie on the opposite end, which is so great for going through your brows whilst your filling them in for a more natural look. 

Hand cream isn't something I reach for a lot, but after a couple hours picking grapes, I can't begin to explain how disgusting your hands are. I'm not going to describe it because it's horrible, but just think sticky, clamy and smelly.  I got this hand cream from some friends as a leaving gift and oh my god, this stuff is amazing! I hate it when hand creams take about 5 years to absorb into your skin, however, this little beauty takes about 5 seconds. They feel so moisturised and soft, it's incredible. I have also used this on my feet a couple of times and it makes such a difference. I'm trying to use it sparingly, as I don't want it to run out because that's how good it is. The scent is also so nice, it's not overpowering like some cocoa scented products can be, it's a nice subtle scent. 

Crunchies are my new favourite chocolate bar. Not a lot to say about them, apart from I've eaten way to many and will probably continue to eat way to many. 

The same goes for Cheezels. Think wotsits and quavers combined into a hula hoop shape, but with the texture of a wotsits. I know I said I wasn't a fan of cheese, but these are an exception. Similar to the crunchies, I've eaten way to many and I actually need to stop eating these, as they hurt my mouth, but they still taste amazing. 

So these are my April favourites. Not exactly exciting, but i thought i would share these with you all. Im currently eating a ham and mayo sandwich, which takes me back to the days, when my dad used to make our packed lunches and he would literally apply half a pot or margarine onto them. No margarine on my sandwiches, but maybe too much mayo. Enjoy your day!

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