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My Tips for Packing Makeup for Backpacking

Packing my makeup for Australia, was probably the hardest part about packing in general. I wanted to just swoop it all up and take it all, but in knew that i couldn't. In the end, i just told myself, essentials and palettes and a few brushes. Safe to say, its easier said then done, but i was so strict on myself. I actually had a massive bag full of makeup for the first 2 weeks i was in Australia, but i asked my mum to take this back with her, because i just knew i wouldn't use and I also didn't wear any makeup, except for the wedding, so i knew it was best taken back to the UK.

For my everyday makeup, it was pretty easy to just chuck in a couple of mascaras and my usual eyebrow products. I bought some eyebrow products at the airport as i had run out and duty free makeup is hella cheap, so why not treat myself. Typically, i knew that being a backpacker or suitcaser  for myself, i wouldn't be wearing makeup everyday, if at all. I knew that i wouldn't be applying it at 5am when i have to get up for work, so i really didn't need to pack everything, however, i wanted too. 

I have written below the essentials items and ways to save space and the amount of products to take with you if you are a fellow backpacker, or if your just going for a short break of even a holiday.

As you can see from the picture, i have tried to pack palettes that contain everything i needed. One for contour/bronzer and highlighter and then 2 eyeshadow palettes. Okay, i probably didnt need 2 eyeshadow palettes, but a girl has got to have options and you can never have enough transition shades. Honestly, i used the Huda Beauty palette for the first time the other day and i haven't used the Kat Von D eyeshadow palette, but there will be a time when i do need it. 

Palettes are a great way of saving space and also the amount of product you need. If your a backpacker, typically i doubt you would even need an eyeshadow palette, but its a great option to have one just incase. I know that in Australia, makeup isn't cheap by a long shot, so hence why i bought 2. Other palettes are personal preference, but i just think that I'm saving space in my bag and i then also get more choice of products to use. If i owned a lip palette, i would have bought one, because thats the one thing i forgot to pack, not that I'm desperate for a red lip, but personally, to have the option there would have been nice. All I'm saying is palettes are the way forward and if they have a mirror, thats just an added bonus.

I thought packing brushes was slightly harder for myself. I tried to pack as little as possible, but also enough that i could use them all in one application if that makes sense. 

Makeup Bag
I have 6 small little travel bag things. 6. Do i need 6? No, i certainly do not. Do i even use half of the stuff in them? Don't be silly. Do i even look at them? Of course not. Don't take 6, because your suitcase/backpack doesn't need 6 of everything, like i thought i did. I did leave 1 of them at my uncles bag, but here i am, currently starring at it. I got 2 of my travel bags as gifts and they were both full of the essentials, but insisted that i needed extra bags. However, with all of this in mind, my makeup is in one of the smaller bags that i got given as a gift. 

When i was choosing the makeup to come with me, i didnt want to go for the extra big one, because then i had a reason to fill it with all the makeup i didnt need and realistically i wouldn't have used. I would take a small/meduim size bag for your makeup and your brushes. This way, your not tempted and you can try and squeeze as much in there as possible, but you don't want to break the zip on the bag.

So these are my tips to the packing beauty products for any travelling which you may have coming up. The amount of makeup you take, obviously depends on you as a person and your needs. This is just personally what i have bought along with me. Thank you so much for reading!

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