Friday, 28 April 2017

High End Beauty Wishlist

 As many of you will know I'm currently backpacking around Australia. Being a backpacker means having a very limited budget, meaning I cannot afford to buy any spontaneous make up and beauty products. This being said I have put a list together of my high end wish list of beauty products.

This is one of those palettes which just looks like a dream and I just want to cover my face in it. I love the different shades it comes with. From the pictures that I've seen these look incredible. One day before it runs out maybe for my birthday 'cough cough', I will purchase this because I actually didn't bring a highlighter with me to Australia, because I'm really stupid. I'm a sucker for any Anastasia Beverly Hills products so I can already tell that I would absolutely love this just from looking at it. The packaging is just insane and it just looks incredible and I just basically need it.

This os another highlighter unsurprisingly that I would love to try. Ive actually not tried that many Too Faced products but it is a brand I've heard lots about and there always seems to be good things about the products which makes me want to try more. I've seen lots of people talking about these highlighters and they look incredible and from the swatches they just look insane and I just need to have them pronto. 

I have never actually tried anything from cover FX before but like other brands, I have heard lots of good things about the products. The customer enhancing drops look like the most beautiful shiniest prettiest things I have ever seen. As you can probably tell I like highlight and having a glow, so these are amazing. You can use under them under your foundation, or just act as a highlighter on top of the skin. They are a tad on the pricey side, but I can only imagine that you would only need a small amount, so you would actually get quite a lot of use out of the product itself, which would make up for how expensive it is.

I have recently just fallen in love with my benefit hole bronzer, so when I heard that they were coming out with I lite to version I nearly cried. I didn't cry at all, slight exaggeration. However this being said, I need this product. I think it's a genius thing to come up with a lighter version of the product, but seeing as I'm in Australia and the sun is out quite a lot so I'm likely to tan, I'm not sure whether I would need this product right now, but if I was back in the UK I would 100% get this tomorrow. With all this being said I would still part is that even if I was tanned and it will still remain on my wishlist until I purchase it. 

I have never tried anything from Ofra before, but again it's a brand that I have heard a lot of good reviews about. I know a lot of the YouTubers that I watch, use the brand a lot and never seem to have a bad thing to say. I'm a sucker for moisturiser and this one looks amazing and I think I need it.  My skin is currently quite oily, but this could change at any point to dry and flaky resemblance of  puff pastry. From the reviews I have read on this moisturiser, it seems to work wonders for dry skin peeps and I read it also acts as a great primer for the skin.

One of those products which has been on my list for quite well but I have never managed to pick it up. I'm not typically a foundation person, but when I do where them, which is very rare, I do tend to like in more medium to full coverage. From the reviews I've read and the videos I have watched on this foundation, I think it would suit my skin type which is drastically changed from dry to combination oily and dry. The pricetag is a little offputting here in Australia, but I'm not in desperate need for one so this can wait but it will still remain on my wish list. 

Sigma brushes are some of my favourite brushes and they were actually some of the first brushes I ever purchased back in the good old days. I genuinely love sigma brushes and I think that they are some of the best brushes with in the make up and beauty industry. Soon as I saw these brushes come out, I knew I had to have them. I have loads of brushes so I know I do not need any more, but I do not have any like these, so I see it as a good excuse to get these brushes. The price of these is completely reasonable to me, because I know what Sigma brushes are like, I know they last super long and I know they work wonders with basically every beauty product.

This os one of those products that everyone including a pet fish has heard about. If you have not heard of this product or heard anything about this product, I genuinely think you have been kidnapped by aliens or living under a rock. Along with foundation, I don't typically where concealer very often, but when I do I like it to be a full coverage, good colour payoff and a product that will last on my skin for a long time. I think the price of this is a little expensive but again from pictures and videos I have seen, I think that you get a lot of product.

So that is my high and beauty WishList for the current time being. No doubt this will change with in the next couple of weeks, maybe even days. I'm actually being super lazy right now I'm not typing this, my phone is typing it for me. How have I only just figured out that my phone can type what I speak. Absolutely genius. I have also created a Facebook page for my blog, so i would love for you to go give that a like aswell at - Anyway I hope you enjoyed and excuse the grammar, but thank you very much for reading.


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