Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Im back and I'm back for good. I have just got my laptop back and i am so happy to have it, as i can finally start blogging again. I have really missed blogging and i have lots of content ideas, so i am excited to get it started again and really focus on making it a true passion and actually sticking with it. I know, i have said that 1000 times before, but this time, i am in it for the long run. 

Today i wanted to write about something quite close to my heart, but also something thats been bugging me a lot. Friendships. As a self confessed loner, having a friends who i can rely on and i know i can talk to anything about is so important. I can honestly admit to not having many friends and i love that. I don't have loads of friends and I've never been the type of person to have lots of friends. When i was younger that bothered me quite a lot, but now i have realised who my true friends are and since being in Australia, i can honestly say, i have had a lot of time to reflect and theres a couple who i no longer need to maintain a friendship with for various reasons. 

Long story short, last week i had an allergic reaction, as i ate pesto which contains nuts. Of course, i should have known that, but my dentist told me that pine nuts were fine. Totally blaming my dentist, but also this pesto contained cashews, which evidently are not good for the old throat and body. I will do a more detailed post, which is coming shortly, but i posted something on my personal IG, because i wanted to see who would ask if i was okay. Funnily enough, 1 person did who was my aunt. I don't typically post these type of posts, in fact, this was the first and it will be the last, but no one else even asked. I had already told my 2 best friends, so i didn't even expect them too, but it just made me question myself and why I'm still caught up in having friendships with people and they cant even be bothered to communicate or have any interest in your life. 

I like to think I'm a positive person, who always tries and looks at the positive aspects of life and i like to think that i help other people see positively and that theres always a way of doing something. I don't like dwelling on ideas and being negative as i feel like it dampens other peoples mood and personally, i just think life is to short to be a negative person. You only have one life, live for today and everyday. I actually saw the quote LIV42DAY on my journey the other day and its just stuck with me ever since. I hate thinking badly and i always see the glass half full. People who are negative, don't show any interest or even make the effort  and just make it feel like a chore to reply just aren't people i want to have in my life. 

This post is probably a load of shit and probably won't make sense, but its almost just a rant. I could rant a lot more and go deeper and give more reasons why, but i won't. Anyway, if you read this, thanks for reading my rant. I would love to know anyone else thoughts on friendships and negativity, so please let me know in the comments below.


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