Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Time to Say Goodbye

Fuck. That was hard. I am not an emotional person at all, or at least i don't show my emotions to anyone. I was expecting it to be normal say good bye and then all be done with. Nope, thats easier said then done. My family went home on Friday 17th March and I'm currently sat at my uncles 'bench' as they call out. A kitchen counter basically.

I am going to blame this all on my sister, as soon as she came over and started crying it set me off, then i saw my mum, auntie and cousin all crying, i was just doomed. We all looked like blubbering whales, which was probably hilarious to the driver of their car. I think what really set me off is the realisation that I'm in a fucking massive country on my own. Okay, i have family here, but i don't want to depend on them. Im 23 and i need to live my life. To say I'm scared is an understatement, but i have to experience this and do what i need to do. Yeah, i will miss home, my family, friends and my dogs more then anyone combined, but i can FaceTime, call, text and contact them to have a chat. 

This isn't really relevant at all, but i was going to name this post something else, but my favourite song ever is by Andrea Boccelli and Sara Brightman. Lame title, but this is going to be my funeral song at the end, cos i want everyone to blubber like whales. Don't worry though, obviously going to have Sean Paul playing aswell. 

Anyway, yeah, I'm a mixture of all emotions and absolutely shitting bricks. I just need to get of my arse, get down south, get a job and make friends and actually socialise, which i never do, so that maybe extremely weird and different. I'll keep ya updated.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Packing for Travelling

I leave England in 2 days and i haven't even packed. I hate packing. Even if it's for a holiday, I would rather pay someone to do it for me. In-packing when you get back is even worse, but for now we concentrate on packing. 

Also, side note, you may be wondering why i have a knitted toy. My nanny knitted this for me as a travelling mascot and she's also the cutest person ever. The name is Anncy, which is both my grandparents names combined. Anncy has an IG because i am going to take him everywhere and take pictures of him in lots of different places. You should totally follow him HERE, if you want to, but you probably will want too.

Packing for a longer trip and not knowing when you will returning is slightly harder then I expected. I feel like I need to take loads, but realistically I can't take that much. I keep forgetting that I can wash clothes abroad and can always buy more if needed. Depending on how poor I'm going to be, that may not be an option. 

I have been doing some typical blogger research and scouring the internet and reading lots of travel blogs to see what other people suggest. I already know I'm going to be that annoying person at security with all my electrical equipment in 10 different trays, but I'm not bothered about that. 

Another dilemma is whether I take a suitcase or a backpack? I am probably going to take a suitcase, only because I just think it will be a lot easier and I won't have to endure the pain of having a backpack. However, I am prone to losing things and having nearly lost my suitcase in JFK airport a couple of years ago, it does slightly worry me. Maybe I should get some reins for it, that way it will always be attached to me so I can never lose it. My travel diary (post here) has a section in it with items that you should take and pack so I have gone through that any mainly worked that way. I bought a backpacking kit from online, which i am going to be doing a post (coming soon) on and whether realistically i have used all the products/gadgets that it comes with.

I will do a more updated post once I have arrived in Australia and go through the items I have bought with me and how practical they are and whether or not I have used them. 

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