Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Travelling Nerves

It's nearly time for me to pack my bags and head down under. I have read some of the many travelling blogs and watched some travel videos. I'm super excited, but of course I'm absolutely shitting myself. I don't know why I feel embarrassed to say I'm nervous, but I've just got to admit that I am and that it's perfectly normal. I would probably be worried if I wasn't, so i guess its a good thing. The packing hasn't yet begun, but I have started buying things I probably won't need. Like walking boots. My rents are adamant that I'm going to need them. I don't think they realise that I'm just going to be a beach bum for the year and work in between. Then again, I may surprise myself and decide to go for a hike in the rainforest. Probably won't. Actually, thinking of the spiders and snakes, I can safely that is certainly not going to happen. Give me all the crocodiles you can, but I swear if I see a tarantula I may just pack my bags and hop on the next plane. Having visited before, I only saw 1 spider which was a red back and it didn't really phase me. Mainly because I knew if I got near it, it may have jumped at me and sucked all the blood out and left me for dead. Okay, okay, slight exaggeration, but I'm not going to risk it. 

Back onto the subject, I wanted to write to let anyone know who reads it (hi) that I think the nerves are completely normal. My main worry is the embarrassment of lasting 2 weeks and then having to come home. I'm praying this doesn't happen, but then if it does it just wasn't meant to be and I have to just face it and deal with it. I don't know why I'm embarrassed about that, as I know quite a few people who have got out there and come back. I think as I am quite a home bud, I will miss home, which is completely normal and expected. I will miss my family, my little muchkins probably more then anyone and of course my friends, but I can always Skype or FaceTime anyone I want to. Going back to the munchkins, I feel like I'm gonna turn into a crazy dog lady and be that meme where you see a dog and just want to run up to hug it. That's already got my name all over it! 

Anyway, the point of this post was to say nerves are okay and I shouldn't be scared of them. As normal I rambled, but I'm glad I just got this of my chest and if anyone reads it, then hey, you cool and thanks! 


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