Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Perfect Travel Diary

I love diaries, but i never ever use them. Despite pretending to be organised, I'm probably one of the least organised people ever, as i just go with the flow. For Christmas, i was in Kikki K, or the most amazing shop in the world, and i spotted this travel diary. I am sure you will all know by know, i am off to Australia in 10 days or so. I was going to buy the diary for myself, but my sister quickly snapped it away and bought it as a present for me.

Firstly, the colours of the diary are my favourite! The fluro orange with the blue and white stripes make me so happy. Silly, i know, but its the small things sometimes. The diary has all the sections you will ever need to compare prices, list hostels, plan transport and even accommodate your shopping needs. I haven't used it yet, but i have looked at it several times thinking i cant wait to use it to its full potential in Australia. Of course, i could use it now, but i don't want to get way over my head and start planing for things, that one may not even happen and secondly, i may have no money to do anything, which is pretty likely. As i said, the planner has a variety of different sections which i love and makes trying to be organised, one step easier. I love that it has a budget, packing, itinerary sections and so much more. It also has a calendar, prompts and information pages to help you write down any notes and important dates.

Kikki K do some amazing stationary and i could quite happily buy everything in the shop. They do a great variety of stationary and also some amazing gifts. I spent way to much money in their at christmas, but it was all worth it. The price of this diary is £21.00 which i think was quite reasonable and its a decent size with lots of different sections where you can put all your notes and what not. I did try to take more pictures of the sections, but my photography skills are lacking and the pictures were shit to say the least.

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