Sunday, 26 February 2017

How I Like To Relax & My Tips For Winding Down

One this that is my absolute favourite thing in the entire world is doing shit all. In my eyes, there is nothing better then having a night in on your own and just taking time to relax. I pretty much do this every weekend, because my social life is about as active as a rocks. In fact, rocks, probably have better social life then myself, but I'm cool with it. I am naturally a chilled out person who doesn't give a shit and I'm lucky that i don't get stressed. I like to think I'm quite positive and have a positive outlook on most aspects of life. Naturally, there are parts where i don't, but i think thats normal.

As i said, I'm naturally a calm, chilled person, so relaxing for me is extremely easy, although, i get bored quicker then you can count to 10. I love quiet notes alone and just having 'me' time. I find that if I've had a shit day at work or someones just massively pissed me off or perhaps I'm just a shit mood, i just want to lock myself away and not talk to anyone.

Below, i have put a list of the stuff that i do when i want to be more relaxed and just forget about the rest of the world.

1. Candles 
Candles solve all problems. I love my Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede, but that shit is hella expensive, so i have one from Anthropology which i got from one of my best friends at christmas, which smells beautiful. Its not to overpowering, but it does fill them room with the scent and make me all calm and relaxed. I don't know about anyone else, but also playing with fire makes me relaxed. Don't really recommend it, actually, lets just ignore that bit. Back to candles, it doesn't have to be  £50  candle, a cheap candle, scented or not, still sets an ambience and helps me to wind down and just forget about everything.

2. Films/Series
This one completely depends on the person. I don't read out of choice, but if you prefer to read, grab a book, cup of tea or a pint of wine and just chill out and read until your hearts content. Personally, i would chuck on a classic old disney film or netflix and watch this with a pepsi max. I know, I'm wild with my beverage choices. I love putting on a film and just forgetting about all my worries and just letting myself go in the film and pretending like I'm there. I don't think there any harm in letting your imagination wonder and just being in the moment at that moment. 

3. Snacks/Drinks
I love food. More then anything, food is my favourite thing ever which explains a lot. Depending on my mood, i will grab a bag of crisps or chocolate or maybe both. Probably both to be completely honest and I'm not talking about the small bags. At the moment, its Easter chocolate season, which means Mini Eggs are in full force. I am not a love of Creme Eggs, but give 10 bags of mini eggs any day. Realistically, it doesn't have to be fatty foods, you can grab anything you want to snack one, but I'm a fat shit and i love crisps and chocolate. As i said in the above part, i always like a drink when I'm watching a film. Although, i love Pepsi, i also love a nice bottle of freezing cold water. There is nothing better then having some freezing cold water. I can not put it into words how it makes me feel, but i feel like it just takes all the shit from that day and put it somewhere else. Probably my bladder.

4. Fragrance
After a day at the office or wherever you've been and its been a shit day, i actually like to re-spray myself with perfume. I know it seems waste and not gonna lie, it kind of is, but there is some kind of logic. For example, you've been stuck in an office with sweaty people, you come home smelling on work and your in a shit mood. You get into bed/sofa, chuck on a film and start chilling. Why not spray some perfume to make you get rid of that 'office' smell and have a scent which you love and it will help make you calm. See, i told you there were logic behind it. 

5. Phone
My last and final one. Turn of your phone. You want to be chilled, not staring at Facebook seeing how amazing Becky from down the road thinks her life is. I have about 2 people, besides my family, who contact me, so my phone isn't really used that much. I use it mainly to stalk people on instagram and twitter....... Anyway, i like to chuck it on the floor far away, or put it in a draw so that i am not hooked to it.

So there we are, my tips for winding down to chillax as the kids say nowadays. They probably don't even say that. I don't like seeing people stressed and i think sometimes, people just forget that 'me' time is the best time for anyone. Nobody should get stressed over work or life, as life is to short and quite frankly, its not worth getting stressed out for something so minor. Everything happens for a reason and people need to accept that everyone makes mistakes and thats okay! Anyway, little ramble over. 


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