Friday, 10 February 2017

Dove Advanced Pro Series

Haircare is probably one of the things that I don't do enough along with skincare. Probably shouldn't admit to that, but it's the truth. You can't go wrong with makeup wipes! Anyway, back to haircare. I have never been into hair masks and even styling my hair really. Occasionally, I straighten it or try to style but I just end up looking like Ms Trunchbowl from Matilda. Not even kidding. I'm sure everyone knows the meme I'm on about. 

I think it was around September time I was in Boots prepping for my holiday and just decided to give the Dove shampoo a go. I didn't have an expectations and had never even seen it before, so i was just trying it out of pot luck. I struggle at the moment with really bad dandruff which I don't like to admit, but I want my blog to be 100% me, therefore I'm going to be 100% true. Dandruff is a pain in the ass and I'm trying to work on getting it down. Luckily with using the new Dove shampoos, it has massively helped and I've also seen a massive difference in my hair. 

The oxygen moisture range is my favourite, although it's the only one I've tried. I like to think my hair is fairly dry and having dandruff I think it's fairly obvious I do. It's mainly for fine and flat hair which I don't have, pretty much got the exact opposite, but I'm after the moisture for my hair and scalp. I have recently purchased the regenerate nourishment shampoo and conditioner which is mainly for damaged and extremely distressed hair which I don't think I have, however, I am going back to ombré at the end of Feb, so I want to get my hair in a good condition before hand and also afterwards. I have managed to pick these up on offer recently for £3 each which is a bargain in my eyes. I think it's normally £5 for one bottle of either shampoo and condition, which I am happy to pay if I can see the results, but I know that some people think that's expensive. 

Overall, I love this shampoo and it's definitely my new favourite. I will be sure to stock up on this when I go to Australia, as I don't even know if they sell it over there and if they don't, I think I will cry as my search for a new shampoo and conditioner will have to begin again. 


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