Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Favourites || 12 Days of Christmas

Its Day 3 of 12 days of Christmas and today i thought i would talk to you about my christmas favourites. I don't have many and i actually found this harder then i thought i would, but nevertheless, i have picked out a few festive items which i enjoy around this time of year. 

First up has got to be a good Christmas Jumper. Everyone must have a christmas jumper and if you don't, then you either hate christmas or have been living on planet X for the last couple of years. I am not a big fan of christmas, but its still a necessity to have one or two. I have a snowman one from Primark and also a really cute gingerbread man one from New Look. Not going to get into too much detail as i may or may not have a blog post coming up on them.

Next up is really odd and something i should be into all yer round, but i really love doing skincare in the winter months. I think its because i can feel the effect the cold weather has on my skin and i absolutely hate it. I love nothing better then coming home and lathering my face in serum and moisturiser. Its not really a christmassy thing, but it certainly does love the winter months.

Next up has got to be champagne and chocolate. You can never have enough of these. I don't really drink any form of alcohol, but if i do, i do love a good champagne. My expensive taste isn't pleasant for my bank balance, but i can stretch to prosecco if i have too. I rarely drink champagne after drinking 4 bottles last new years eve, but i do like to have a glass or 2 on christmas day to celebrate. Chocolates are an all year thing, but the maltesers celebrations are just divine. Someone tell me why they haven't made a tin just for them?!?!

Christmas films and music are just an absolute must. From the classics to the new films (not the christmas bunny, looks horrific) they can really get you in the mood for the festive season and when people hear them, i feel everyone is so much more happier and joyful and festive. Sunday nights are the perfect time to wrap up and watch a good christmas film, whether its the Grinch, Elf, Holiday, Home Alone, you can not beat a christmas film.

Wooly hats are just my favourite accessory at christmas. I never wear them in the winter and i think they are so festive and just so cute. I have seen lots of people with christmas pudding ones and i really want one, but i just haven't managed to find one. I think they are just the ultimate christmas accessory and they really do make a christmassy outfit even more festive and winter appropriate. 

Finally is some Red lippie and glitter. I love this combination at Christmas as its so festive and really suits the christmassy vibe. I love have golden glitter eye makeup and also glory highlighted cheeks. For me, they really make me feel so much more festive and glam for the christmas period. There is nothing better then red lips on Christmas day either!

So there we go, my christmas favourites. I don't have many, but what i do have i really love to pieces and are super special to me. I would love to know your christmas favourites. I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading!

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