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Christmas Wishlist 2015

Christmas 2015

It's nearly that time of year wen everyone goes bananas or crackers should I say for Christmas jumpers and the Coca Cola advert. I can't say I'm a big fan of Christmas, as being raised in a buh-humbug family has certainly paid off. However I will without fail , every year decorate the Christmas tree and attempt to decorate my room. I have a variety of items that i would like this year and to make it easier for my mum, i thought i would do this instead of giving her a list. Also this way she has links direct to the items. Hi mum.

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede
Nothing new here. My staple scent and i just need another one as I'm nearly out of my other one. I would prefer the bigger bottle as it lasts longer, but the small bottles are cheaper and also handy to take when you go out and about. 

Zoeva Rose Gold Complete Eye Set Vol. 2
I will open my heart hear and say i do not need anymore makeup brushes. However, i do need these ones because well they are rose gold and also you can never ever have enough eye  brushes. I also don't actually have thats similar in my collection and they would be an investment in my eyes.

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel

I think this goes on my christmas list every year and so far I've not received it. No valid reason for this except that i just want it. 

I don't travel much but when i occasionally go on holiday the normal headphones are such a pain. I have seen these around the bloggingsphere alot and of course it was the rose gold that drew me closer. Pretty expensive and i wouldn't be fussed if i didnt get in them. Infact, i actually don't want them at all. Why did i put them on my list then?

I am not a big fan of jewellery but i do like statement necklaces and then daily bracelets that are good for everyday use. I actually like quote alot of Monica Vinaders jewellery, but this grabbed my eye the most because its white and rose gold. What more could you want?!? Again, not something I'm lusting over or fussed if i get it.

I purely want this because of the warm tones and also the berry shades. I am a massive sucker for berry/burgundy eyeshadows at the moment and this just looks amazing. I actually think i would get so much use out of it aswell and i don't actually have anything similar within the stupid amount of eyeshadow palettes i own, so again, it would be an investment. Plus its really cheap!

tarte Best In Faux Lash Extending Fibers

I have been loving lash fibres at the moment and am so keen to try out lots of different ones so i can find the best brand. I haven't heard much about this, but i have heard alot about taste mascaras being really good, so its just a product i would like to try out. 

I have previously owned this and i decided to throw it out not that long ago. I really regret my decision and now i would quite like it again, so i can bake some bags under my eyes.

I picked up on of these whilst i was in NYC and I'm in love. I want every shade possible. I was honestly so surprised at how amazing they are. Not exactly cheap, but they are so worth it!

Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow

I have wanted these for sooooo long. I love the look of them and the way they work looks so intriguing. Anything thats shiny gets my attention straight away and these have certainly grabbed my eye. I would like to try them all but i have to pick it would be the gold one and burgundy one.
The infamous Glastonberry lipstick. I absolutely love the look of this and its a matte. Charlottes products are all flawless and i have so far been very impressed with them all. I would love to try her lipsticks next up from her product range.
If i could just have every product from ABH that would be so great. I have heard so many people using these eyeshadows and loving them and for that very reason, i would quite like them all. 
This pillow is £300-400. That is ridiculous. I only put it on my list as it was rose gold.

I am loving the look of fur at the moment and the way it looks in connection with homeware and home decor. I think this would add some great texture to my room and it also looks really warm and snuggly. 

Since I've heard so much about Beccas highlighters, i think its about time i jump onto this bandwagon and give them ago. What a better way then to try 3 at once. I really want Champagne Pop and thought why not get 3 to try. Cheaper and more product then just buying one. It would be silly not to if you logically think about it. 

I recently picked my friend up a tarte blush when i went to NYC and she has said how amazing it is. I am annoyed i didnt pick one umm but when i saw this, again, a palette is a great way to try products and also different colours. Lots of nice wearable colours, which are great for everyday and evening purposes.

All i need to say is I love it. 

Considering I've technically asked for 3 highlighters, i most probably don't need this, but its staple MAC item which i feel my collection is missing. 

Now i know i actually have got this as my main present. I really want a camera that i can tea out here and there to capture photos and also take pictures for my blog. I did my typically blogger research and have narrowed it down to this one. It was actually Hayley from Frock Me Im Famous that made me want it with her blog post (linked here). She really sold it to me and i can't wait to get it and start snapping!

So there we have my not so long christmas wishlist. I know i won't get any of this besides from the camera, but its nice to see what other people have asked for and then interesting to see what they receive. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have done a christmas wishlist, please leave a comment with you links and i will have to be nosy and have a look. Hope you all had a lovely day.

Thanks for reading! 



  1. Lovely wish list! I also have CT makeup on my list, I haven't tried any makeup from CT before!

    1. thank you! They are so good, deffinetley worth the hype and money! :)

  2. I've asked for the Zoeva brushes too! They're soooo pretty I MUST have them!

    Montse ¦ BEAUTEUR


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