Monday, 26 October 2015

Top Tips for Packing Beauty Items for Holiday

Packing my makeup for a short break is a nightmare. I want to take all of my makeup and skincare with me, but obviously i can't. As i have so much makeup, narrowing down the items isn't exactly easy, especially when it comes to lipsticks. I really don't need 5 shades of red, but apparently, i think i do. I recently went to Egypt and i was pleasantly surprised at how little i took and i still didn't use it all. As i have started to become pretty good at selecting items i know i will need to use, i thought why not share my tips and tricks on what to pack for your holiday or short break. So here we go with 4 top tips.

The Palettes

Palettes are the best way to get multi uses out of makeup. Whether its just an eyeshadow palette or a cheek palette or even a cheek and eye palette. You can get multiple looks, using one palette. Also, you can create many different looks with one palette so you don't need to take 6 palettes and 14 separate eyeshadows. I have a MAC one which i love taking away, as it had a blusher, 4 eyeshadows and 2 lipsticks and i can create many different looks with it.

The Decision Making

I am most probably the worst at this. I look at items and question whether i would use. Obviously the answers yes, even though i know I'm never going to wear that bright pink lipstick during the day or even the evening. Only take the basics and then worst comes to worse, you can buy items abroad if you going for a city break. If your going to a hot country, do you really need a full coverage foundation for the day? In my eyes no, a light tinted moisturiser is perfect for both day and night times and will allow your skin to breath.

The Brushes

This is the one i find the hardest. I have so many brushes and i wish i could take them all, but that is somewhat unreasonable and unnecessary. I like to take normally around 5 face brushes and maybe 5-8 eye brushes. I take around 3 blending brushes, sometimes 4 because girls, there is no harm in extra blending brushes. Ever. I then will just have a flat eyeshadow brush, angled brush, a small detail brush and then an angled fluffy brush. When it comes to face, i rarely wear foundation, so i just take a buffing brush, just incase i am feeling a change. Then a contour and highlight brush, powder brush and then a larger contour brush to use for bronzer and to blend everything out. I could most probably narrow this down more, but the last thing i want is a non blended eye. Not cute.

The Makeup Bag

Small. Go small. A big bag tells your brain to fill it. A small bag will help you to pack less and then you will restrict yourself on items that you really only need. I have the cutest Paul & Joe makeup bag, which is like a makeup filofax. It has an area for your brushes and then 2 removable pouches for any other items. I struggle to put even the smallest in here, so its great for making me choose what do i really need and its also really cute to look at in the morning.

So, there we go, my 4 tips to packing lighter with your makeup. Of course, this can apply to your skincare as well. You could try it with your clothes, but I'm not to sure how well it would work. As i am of to New York on Friday, i plan to take as little makeup as possible, so i can buy a lot out there. Thats also a great tip, although not sure i need anymore, but never mind.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and had a lovely weekend. Thank you so much for taking time to read this and be sure to follow me on instagram to follow me around NYC. Thank you for reading!


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