Saturday, 12 September 2015

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon

After a long and anticipated break from blogging, i have decided to come back and really work on my blog full time and really focus on it. I have always struggled with writing and i believe thats the one thing which makes it harder for me and not believing in myself. So today, I'm back with a new post all about my current favourite perfume.

After smelling Viktor Rolf Bonbon perfume on a sample that you get in Vogue about  year ago, i have always remembered the scent. In April, my Mum and I went to Turkey and she very nearly bought it, but in the end she didn't pick it up. I was secretly happy as then it meant that i could pick it up for myself and so i did. I ordered it pretty much the week we returned and have used it everyday since. Its just about to run out, which is pretty much good timing as i go on holiday Friday so i am planning to pick up a new one at the Airport, but it will most probably be a Jo Malone one.... oopsie. 

The scent of Bonbon is very sweet. It isn't something which i tend to go for, but i just love the scent that lingers and it really does stay on you for a whole day. Its not too sickly sweet, but its enough to make you want more. I love applying this in the mornings and at first i thought it could be too overpowering for the daytime, but as you get used to use it, i think it suits the daytime very much, but it is also great for the evening. 

Overall, its a lovely perfume with a gorgeous bottle and a somewhat overbearing price like every perfume. I am the worst person for describing scents, so i can really only recommend going to give it a spray if your in a boots/superdrug/ perfume shop. I think mine is the 50ml and it was £60 which is expensive, but its one of my top 3 perfumes which i can't wait to pick up again.

I hope you enjoyed this post and you can expect to see a lot more content from me on my blog and also on instagram and twitter. I hope you have a great weekend and thank you for reading!

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