Monday, 24 August 2015

The Body Coach - Week One

So it's been a long time sit I've done a fitness/health post on my blog. Back at the beginning of August I decided to partake in the 90 day shift, shape and sustain challenge. My cousin was telling me a lot wbut about it then I decided that it's what I needed to get me into a suitable less wobbly shape before I go to Egypt. I did a lot of research and was really inspired by other reviews and pictures that I have seen of the one month transformations. 

My first week has been tough but eye opening. I struggled with prepping my food every night for the day before and having to eat good foods is something I'm not really used to. I have actually enjoyed everything I've cooked so far. Steak has to be my favourite, but that's because I'm a die hard steak fan regardless. It's been difficult working out what meals I can have from the different menus I've been provided with, but I've finally got my head around it. The only thing I'm still struggling with is breakfast. I don't like the idea of having chicken or steak for breakfast. To me, that just doesn't work. So far, I have just had 2 tablespoons of no fat Greek yogurt which I have only just gotten round to like. I think I may add a couple of strawberries in for the future just to give it some more taste. I haven't tried the quinoa yet, but as I don't exercise in the mornings, I can't really have it but I'm going to try it at the weekend and see what I think. Overall, the food aspect have been challenging and hard, but I know it will all be worth it fingers crossed! 

Now onto the exercise. This was the bit I was dreading the most. On the first day o started I literally have myself such a hard time and in the end I just did it. I found all the reasons not to do then I just asked myself the simple question of are you happy with your body? Simple answer. No. That's the only motivation I needed to get my arse out of bed. I started the exercise in my room and then my mum had to tell me to stop because the floor is a bit rickety and not safe for someone to be doing multiple amounts of high knees and mountain climbers too. Now I have the curtains shit and windows open, so I can do it in the living room. I just hope none of my family walk in to see my sweating. I'm slowly getting to used to it and enjoying working out no really try to push myself and make myself feel sick and be in pain because if I don't feel sick at the end, I've not done it hard enough.  

I'm really looking forward to week 2 and this week I'm going to gym classes, home workouts and the gym its self. I have my best friend and family whose supporting me throughout this, which is so nice and actually so much more motivating because if I don't they will give me shit! It's so important to have people supporting you and my family are as well and although they still take the piss, I don't care. At the end, I'm doing this for myself to make myself happy and comfortable with the body in I'm. 

I will do an update next week to let you know how I've come along. This is a little late as it should have gone up on Wednesday, but oppsie, i forgot! I hope you have enjoyed reading and if anyone is doing this or has done it and has any wise words of support, I would love to hear from you! Thank you for reading!


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