Saturday, 4 July 2015

Summer Essentials

Summer essentials
Hello everyone, hope you are all well! I am writing this post on the hottest year of the week and yet I'm stuck in the office besides today to enjoy this beautiful weather. I can't actually believe it's so bloody hot this week, but no doubt it will be raining by next week party pooper I know

Today i wanted to discuss with you some of my Summer Essentials. I don't have to many, but i religiously use the ones i do have and personally, i would rather have a few less that i use constantly, rather then loads then i never actually get round to using. 

Lets start of with the main essential for me. Hayfever. As must as love Summer, i also dread the runny nose, itchy eyes and sleepless nights. This year, my hay fever has been horrific and even worse in the night. Every year, i have a 50/50 chance as to whether its bad or not, but this year, its been a nightmare. I swear by hay fever tablets and eyedrops every morning and god forbid if i forget!

This year, my Ray Ban Wayfarers have been getting alot of use. I always wear them on my way to work and on my way home and just if I'm out and about. I received these last year from my sister for my 21st, and they literally, do not leave my side.

My Summer scent this year is Viktor & Rolf BonBon. Before purchasing this, i got a sample and i was sold. I very nearly bought it at the airport back in May, but ended up not buying it. Instead i bought it on Boots that way i can top up my advantage points at the same time. Its a very sweet scent and i absolutely love it! I will do a full review on this very soon!

Next up is my Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream. My skin has taken a turn for the worst recently and become a combination of oily and dry. I am not quite sure whats happened, but this moisturiser is my current favourite. Its so light on the skin, yet sinks in quickly and i can instantly feel my skin drinking it up. Also such a good price for a bloody good product!

Nivea Lips Fruit Shine Peach has been my favourite lip product for moisturising. I never really bother with my lips and keeping them hydrated i know, i should, but this product is amazing. I mean, okay, it smells like the peach petit filous yogurt, which is my absolute favourite, but its super moisturising and keep your lips hydrated. What more can you need?!?

Of course, i could leave out a lipstick and a bright one at that. I haven't actually worn any lipsticks so far this Summer, but if i am going to, i am going straight to MAC Barbecue. This was in a limited collection, so I'm not sure if you can get it anymore. Its the perfect red-orange lipstick and its also matte, which is my favourite formula. Such a bright colour and also such cute packaging!

Finally, is most probably my faouvirte product, Sally Hansens Miracle Nail Growth. I am currently on the biggest mission to grow my nails and ever since I've been using this, my nails have grown so much! I am so happy with how they are progressing. I still get the urge to pick them every know and them, but i resist and think of the end results!

So there we are, my current summer essentials. I should most probably include a fan into it, considering this heatwave we are experiencing, but I've not real used it too much! Anyway, i hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!


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