Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Everyday Makeup

Everyday Makeup
I recently received this makeup bag for my birthday and it inspired me to actually start putting my everyday makeup in a makeup bag. Seems logically right? In light of the recent makeup bag events, it actually made me realise that I don't think I've ever done an everyday makeup post on my blog. So today, as you may have guessed from the title, is all about the stuff that I put on my face to not make me look like a half dead toad. 

I am not the biggest foundation wearer, as I like to keep my skin clear and all that malarkey. Basically, I am lazy and can't be bothered. However, if there are days when I perhaps wake up 5 minutes earlier or I look in the mirror and just look like a completely dead toad, then I will reach for my Dior Diorskin Nude BB cream. I recently got this at a Debenhams event and had done a fair amount of research before purchasing. Typical blogger. Safe to say, I love this BB cream. I am not a fan of them normally, but this adds just the right amount of coverage, evens out my blotchy skin tone and just makes my face look more radiant. It's not cheap, retails at £32, but this works wonder for me. 

Next up is a product I know I have talked about and one I have been using religiously for about 2 years now. It's the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot powder. Recently my skin has decided to become friends with the oil and they basically like to have a party on my forehead and generally my whole face. Can't say I enjoy this friendship, but this powder calms them down and completely mattifys your skin. Retailing at £12 I will never be changing powder as this stuff seriously doesn't get enough credit. 

I really don't understand eyebrows and how you can just have 2 bits of hair on your face, but I also love my eyebrows a lot. I can happily leave the face with no makeup on, but I have to have my eyebrows done. I bought the Sigma Brow Powder last year after hearing lots of youtubers talk about it. This is probably the best eyebrow shadow I have ever used. It's the perfect shade, perfect undertone and just all around perfect. Only downside is that it's a nightmare to get in England and I don't really want to pay ridiculous shipping and custom fees. It's a relatively cheap product and I have just managed to source a UK website which stocks it (linked above). Seriously, everyone needs this product for your eyebrows. You life may be changed for the better. Just saying. 

Eyebrow gel is also weird but bloody addictive. I did use this MAC Brow Set which has just run out, but it added a nice colour to the brows and didn't leave them like concrete. I actually don't mind concrete brows, but would prefer them not to be. This is fairly expensive at £14 but it is a good product. Not sure I would repurchase again though. 

Eyelash curlers are pretty generic. All do the same thing so can't really give you the low down on them. 

Benefit Mascaras are probably my favourite brand of Mascaras. I am currently using both Rollerlash and They're Real and together, they are literally a match made in heaven. They have no faults. Although perhaps, personally I prefer them when they have dried up a little, but that's just me. I honestly can't recommended these enough. I love them and badly need to buy a new Rollerlash as the little sample I have is slowly and I mean slowly coming to the end of its life. Not quite sure you should be able to see the brush under the product? Think that's a sign to get a new one. 

So, my everyday makeup face products. I hope you enjoyed and got an insight into the lack off makeup I wear on a daily basis. I actually am not the biggest fan of wearing makeup full stop, but people will be scarred if I don't so I have to make a little effort. Thank you for reading! 


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