Sunday, 28 June 2015

May Favourites

Hello everyone, hope all is well! Today I wanted to do some of my most recent favourites, be it home, skincare or makeup. If you follow me on Instagram (cough zoebowx/thecousinedit cough) then you will be able to see that I have been loving home interiors recently, probably more then beauty products. 

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede
So this is my second candle and I've just finished my 5th bottle of perfume and that was the big bottle. I absoloutley love this scent for everyday. It's floral and fresh without being too over the top and sweet and sticky if that makes sense. Describing scents is so hard, so I am just recommending if your ever near a Jo Malone shop or stall, go and smell their colognes because I guarantee you will not be disappointed and you will find a scent you love! 

Artedona Vase
This case is the prettiest thing I've seen for a while. I am obsessed with rose gold and copper at the moment so the moment I see something in rose gold or copper, I automatically need it. This wasn't the cheapest vase (£80), but it is certainly the prettiest I've ever seen. I have to have flowers in it and although I still haven't managed to fill it with peonies (I can't seem to find them anywhere near where I live) any flower looks amazing in them. 

Sigma Brow Powder
After seeing Lauren Curtis on YouTube rave about this product so much, I bought this back in December last year and I've used it pretty much every day since. It's so easy to use and I can literally just turn over in bed, reach for this and voila my brows are pretty much done. I mainly use the darker shade, but occasionally if I have the time I will use the lighter shade from the start of my brows to make it more natural. I will cry when this runs out as I don't remember the website I bought it from back in December!

Inspirational Quotes
As my room is currently undergoing some re-decoration, I really wanted to have some inspirational quotes above my  makeup table. I have it all planned out, so I got Etsy to find some quotes which I love and would help inspire me. I designed one of them myself and I absoloutley love it! I can't wait to put them up and as soon as I have done so, I will of course be doing a blogpost. 

MAC 224 Brush
This brush is like the Mecca of all brushes. I love this brush so much I own 2 of them. Perfect for blending out any harsh line whether it's contour, highlighter or eyeshadow. I use this in the morning when I'm rushing to get ready for work just to simply blend a light wash of shadow across my eyelid. I couldn't recommend this brush enough. So much so, I may even buy another one.....

JorgObe Peel Off Mask
I was very intrigued when this kept popping up on my side bar ads on Facebook. It was a brand I had never heard about and a product that I also hadn't heard to much. I am not going to say to much as I want to do a full review on it. However, I can tell you I love it and it's quickly become a new skincare favourite!

Kerastase Oleo Curl
After working in a hairdressers for 2 years i never picked up a single Kerastase product. It was all about KMS. After getting my hair cut short, i really wanted a product that would help enhance my natural curls and create less frizz around them. When my hairdresser recommend this, i was just sold. I had wanted it for a while, but never picked it up as its not the cheapest product. I love this so much! From the fragrance, to the colour (big up anything orange), it really helps my curls and makes them last alot longr and it really helps stop all the frizz, well most of it.

The Fifth Watches
Typically, i have saved the best till last. Everyone, look at my new watch. I mean just look at it. I am so obsessed with this, i want the entire collection. I just love everything about this watch and if you follow me on instagram (@zoebowx) you will have seen it in 90% of my recent posts. I am going to do a full review on it soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

So there we go, my late May favourites! I love writing about my favourites and I think it will definetley help me 'shop my stash' of ridiculous amounts of makeup or just random everyday life stuff! I hope you enjoyed reading! 



  1. I love Kerastase Oleo Curl! So glad to hear you do too :)

    X Emma |

  2. Some great favourites for May! I read your review about the JorgObe face mask and that soundeed great! You're watch is absolutely beautiful!

    Courtney |

    1. Thank you :) haha i love my watch most probably a bit too much haha! x


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