Friday, 15 May 2015

Mulberry Purse

Well, well ,well. If this blogpost hasn't been a long time coming, then i really don't know what has. I have been very MIA from my blog and social media pretty much since Christmas. I felt like i needed a break to remember why i did my blog. I didnt think i was going to miss it and i was ready to pack it in all together. Weirdly, i missed my horrific writing skills and just sitting down and talking shit about stuff, that realistically no one cared about. People had asked whether i still did it and when i was just like 'oh no' most people said 'why, its good and i enjoy it'. Firstly, thats a massive shock, as i can't write for England and my spelling is atrocious, let alone anything else to do with my blog. So, a massive ramble, that you most probably don't care about, I'm back and i have ordered a new blog template and hopefully it will be installed soon and that will give me even more inspiration. I have also had my room completely redecorated and i really want to feature it on here. I am also obsessed with instagram at the moment and am uploading at least 2 times a day (depending what time i decide i need to get up for work in the morning), if you want to check it out my username is 'zoebowx'. 

Onto the real reason for this post. As you can see from the pictures, i am now a proud owner of a Mulberry purse. I received this for Christmas from my Mum and Dad. I think I'm getting to that age, where I'm not really bothered about receiving gifts on Christmas now (a couple would be nice), but i prefer spending it with family, eating too much food and playing games with the whole family. I am like this with my birthday, just i hate my birthday as i hate attention and it means I'm getting old, which scares me so much. Wow, ramble ramble today!

Anyway, back to the purse. I wasn't expecting this, but i as soon as i heard jingling bells in the box, i knew exactly what it was. I was so excited to open it and just stare at it. I have the mulberry bag on the back of my door and I'm never getting rid of it! The smell, the touch, where do i begin (copyright to Sam Smith for that). Its a beautiful colour, almost a pinky red, with an orange undertone. I really wanted a colour purse as i have always had brown and i wanted something that stood out and i could find easily in my bag. I love the mulberry sign on that front, its subtly obvious which i like, not in your face which is good. The compartments in the purse are just dreamy and make life so much easier when having to juggle receipts and change. Anyone else hate when people put the receipt first then the change? 

A short but snappy post, not a cheap purse and i do know how much it was, i am in love with this and sometimes i just stare at it and sniff it. Love the smell of real leather. Next to my collection in about 10 years when i can afford one, is a Mulberry Willow bag. Preferably a black or well, yes black will be perfect. 

I hope you enjoyed and sorry for my rambling, just very happy to be back blogging and just enjoying it! Much love



  1. wow that purse is gorgeous! i'm in the same boat as your on the willow bag... one day...

    natasha // eyebrows, inc.

  2. ahhh this is beautiful! What an amazing present!

    lillies and lipbalm


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