Monday, 2 February 2015

Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette

Hello everyone, long time no speak. Safe to say, i completely forgot where January went and its now February. Feel like this year has already half way through, super scary! Anyway, i wanted to finally do a post today on a present which i received from one of my best friends at Christmas. I love this palette and thought it would be a nice item to do a review on!

I literally hadn't heard of this at all and when i opened it, i wasn't even sure of what it was. I don't have anything like this in my makeup collection, which is hard to believe as its a tad on the large side. Urban Decay always know how to hit the nail on the head when it comes to palettes. All of the Naked palettes as very popular, so i have no doubt this will be too. I think it is limited edition though, so i can't say whether or not its still available. 

The palette comes with a black eyeliner which i have tried before and its amazing. Super creamy, pigmented and extremely black! The mascara is becoming one of my new favourites. I have heard a lot about the Perversion mascara and I'm impressed so far. I haven't tried the lipgloss yet as I'm not a massive lipgloss person, but the packaging is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Also you get 5 beautiful eyeshadows. Like the Naked palettes, they are very pigmented, easy to blend and not chalky at all. I love all of these colours, as they neutral and i couldn't ask for anything else. You also get a blush/bronzer and a highlighter. I have used the bronzer and its a lovely warm colour to make the face glow and add some colour to your cheeks. I have yet to use the blush, but the highlighter is amazing on the high points on the face. All in all, i think this palette is perfect for trips away, as you have everything that you need in one palette. I am unsure of the price as it was a gift, so i don't really want to look it up, but I'm sure it can be found on google.

I hope you enjoyed this post and had a lovely weekend, can't say I'm excited to go to work tomorrow, but its February and it will soon be christmas........ Thank you for reading!



  1. I have and love this palette for taking travelling. I live in three places throughout the year so its nice to be able to just take this rather than a huge make-up bag worth of stuff! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. Loving the bloggie, following you now, hope you follow back :)

  3. I love how you take your blog photos - it's a gorgeous set up! I'm still trying to persuade myself I don't need this palette, but it's so lovely!

    lillies and lipbalm


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