Sunday, 14 December 2014

Tanya Burr Lipglosses

Hello everyone, so I did it again. I bought them all. I just had too. I am a huge sucker for the first set of lip glosses that Tanya bought out so i just had to get these ones and my oh my, i am not disappointed. 

There are 8 new shades and i think i love them all so much, i actually can't decide on my favourite one. Again, they smell like strawberry chewitts and who doesn't want strawberry chewitts smell on their lips?? I think this collection focuses more on winter/autumn shades which i love this year and think are very trend led which is good in my books. Again, like the last collection of lip glosses, the texture is exactly the same, very smooth and not sticky at all. no one like sticky lip glosses. They are still super moisturising and makes your lip super soft, like a really comfy bed or pillow.

First of we have Daydream which is a really pretty nude with glitter in. The glitter is very unobvious on the lips and on my lips, it acts more as a clear gloss, so would look great over a matte lipstick. Next up is my favourite and is called Lunch Date. This is like the perfect shade for my lips and on an everyday basis. A pinky nude and although its not that opaque, it does a nice wash of colour on the lips.  Next is Sparkling Dewdrops. This is a really pretty glittery pink. Again, the glitter isn't obvious on the lips, but it adds another dimension to the lips which i love! Finally, is I Found Nemo. the name is so cute and the colour is amazing. I think its a cross between a peach and pink and is stunning on. This is the perfect spring lipgloss in my opinion. Its not super opaque like the first lot of glosses, but a nice wash of colour tints the lips.

First we have Aphrodite, which is a gorgeous coral colour with gold reflex. This colour is to die for and on the lips, i think its look beautiful. Next up is a beautiful dark berry shade called Berry Picking. This is a beautiful colour and a subtle wash of the lips creates a glaze of colour. Next up is a shade, that i personally think is overlooked. I love this shade and its one of my favourites. Chocolate Fondue is a gorgeous brown shade. It is very subtle on the lips, but it looks incredible. Finally, the most beautiful deep red/ burgundy Enchanted Forest. I love these colours for Autumn and Winter and this is amazing on the lips. Super pigmented and just all over amazingness!

Overall, Tanya hasn't failed and has produced incredible products once again. I love them all so much and still love the smell of them. Super moisturising, not as pigmented as the other collection i feel, but still an incredible price for an amazing product. One thing i have noticed is the packaging has slightly changed, but i think i actually prefer this packaging and logo to the other collection. I can't wait to get the limited edition Christmas gloss and of course, i shall review that when i receive it. I have extended my giveaway till Thursday, so don't forget to enter if your in the UK and want to win some Rose Gold brushes! Thank you for reading and lots of christmas love! 

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  1. I love the Tanya Burr lipglosses! ❤️
    Please can you check my blog out? I'm currently doing my 12 Days of Blogmas & I'd love it if you'd take a look at it and possibly spread the word if you like it!
    Thank you
    Dani Janie x

    1. they are amazing arent they! of course :) xx


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