Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Years Eve Essentials

Hello everyone, its been a long time coming since I've sat down and written a blog post. I am just sitting around, wondering what to do for New Years Eve. I know I'm going to a friends for dinner and then a good bogey, so I'm sure that my head will be rather sore in the morning to say the lease. Last year, i sat on my own watching High School Musical. I kind of, do not want to do that again, but it may end up that way. I thought i would do a blogpost on the essentials that i will be having on New Years Eve. Everyone is different, but this is just what i will be having on the evening, regardless if I'm spending it alone of with others.
Champagne, sweets, chipsticks, camera, phone, glasses, flutes and music are all you need in my opinion. If you are spending it alone, you could add a couple of DVD's in to the mix as well. I also like to add some cordial to my champagne to make it more flavoured. I am not a typical fan of the champagne flavour, but i love this blackberry and blueberry cordial which is amazing! 
Regardless of whether your snuggled up on the sofa or going out to celebrate, i really hope you have a lovely evening and that you enjoy yourself. Lets embrace the hangovers that I'm sure, plenty will be sporting on New Years Day!

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