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Zoeva Brushes and Giveaway

Over the past few months or so Zoeva has become a very popular brand to most people within the beauty blogging world. If you haven't heard of Zoeva then you really must have been living under a pretty big rock. After hearing so much about them and being a bit of a makeup brush fanatic, I decided thati just had to treat my self to some of their sets and also an individual brush. 

First up we have a brush i have seen wondering all over the internet. The Luxe Highlighter brush looks like to softest brush I've ever seen and it certainly it. Annoyingly it didn't come in any of the sets that i wanted, so i did have to buy it on its own, but it is still worth the €12.80. I love using this brush for contour, powder, setting concealer, foundation and of course highlighting. I think its the perfect multi task brush, that can be used for anything. 

As a big lover of eye brushes, but not actually owning many i thought i would also pick up the Complete Eye Set. I never seem to have enough eye brushes and seemed like it had everything you would need for your eyes in one case. You get 12 eye brushes for €60 which i think works out at £60 with the exchange rate, but thats £5 for a brush which is incredible value for money in my opinion. From blending brushes, to eye liner brushes and angled brushes, there is something in this set for everyone. I love using the 332 for my brows. It is like a little wand that creates magical brows. I would seriously recommend this to any beginner or pro. the brushes are of an amazing quality for the most affordable price. The brushes that come within this kit are:

  • 224 Luxe Defined Crease: Create smooth eyeshadow transitions
  • 226 Smudger: Smudge eyeshadow and kohl along the lashline
  • 227 Soft Definer: Softly blend and smooth eyeshadow
  • 228 Crease: Blending and shading eyeshadow in the crease
  • 230 Pencil: Precise shading and smoothing edges
  • 231 Petit Crease: Accentuating and blending in the crease
  • 234 Smoky Shader: Shading and blennding with smoky effect
  • 237 Detail Shader: Detailed application of eyeshadow
  • 315 Fine Liner: Apply eyeliner in delicate strokes
  • 317 Wing Liner: Detailed eyeliner strokes and a perfect wing
  • 322 Brow Line: Eyebrow brush for powder and cream products
  • 142 Concealer Buffer: Apply and blend concealer

Finally we have their infamous Rose Golden Luxery Set. First of, who doesn't love rose gold and secondly, who doesnt need a good quality set of makeup brushes. After waiting a good few weeks for these to come back in stock as they had just sold out as soon as they came back in. I finally grabbed my hand in them. I love the fact that these come with adjust bag and clutch. The clutch is handy for night outs fyi.... I couldn't wait to get my hands in these. I truly don't believe there is a better feeling then new makeup brushes. The set comes with 8 brushes so you get a nice mix of face and eye brushes. I think this is the perfect set for a beginner just getting out in makeup and learning how to use brushes would be. A lot easier I think then those silly little applicators that come with most makeup items. The brushes which come in this set are:

  •  Face:
  • 106 Powder: Apply loose and pressed powder
  • 102 Silk Finish: Apply and blend foundation
  • 110 Face Shape: Contour the face shape with cream and powder products
  • 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek: Apply powder blush
  • 142 Concealer Buffer: Apply and blend concealer

  • Eyes:
  • 227 Soft Definer: Softly blend and smooth eyeshadow
  • 231 Petit Crease: Accentuating and blending in the crease
  • 317 Wing Liner: Detailed eyeliner strokes and a perfect wing
Here you have my review on the Zoeva brushes. Seeing as i have hit 500 followers on my blog, i thought i would also do a little giveaway just to say the biggest thank you from the bottom of my heart. Its taken me a long time to get here and i never thought i would have. If you want to enter, its pretty simple. There are a few rules which i have listed below for you!

  • You must be aged 18 or over or have permission from your parents if you win, as i will need your address.
  • You must follow my blog
  • Follow my instagram
  • Subscribe to my Youtube channel.
  • It is UK only, so please don't enter if your not from the UK
I really hope you enjoyed reading this post. I loved raving on about these brushes, but i don't think i will ever be able to put it into words how much i love them! I hope you enjoyed reading! Zx

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  1. What a lovely giveaway! Congrats on 500 followers :)

    Laura x
    Must Have Girl

  2. I love the look of the rose gold set, thanks for the amazing giveaway <3

    Jess xo

  3. Lovely brushes & giveaway😱😄.Congratulations on the subbies Zoe! :) many more to come!

  4. WOW, this is *such* an amazing giveaway. Obviously I had to enter, they look beautiful and I've wanted to try Zoeva for aaages!
    But good luck to everyone and thanks for holding such an awesome giveaway Zoe! <3

    Jemma xx

  5. I have some Zoeva brushes and they are amazing and would love more :) Congratulations on your blog's milestone!
    Mummy’s Beauty Corner


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