Monday, 17 November 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hill Tamanna Palette

Left to Right - Custom, Gilded, Venezia, Blush, Fresh
Left to Right - Noir, China Rose, Chocolate, Bengal, Sangria
After months of watching beauty bloggers on youtube raving about any Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows, when i saw this palette on Sephora, i knew i had to have it. Firstly, the colours are so pigmented and creamy, it is almost unbelievable, i feel like they put any other eyeshadow to shade. I really wanted the Maya Mia palette, but after it had sold out i settled with this one and i am so glad that i have done. 

This is my 3rd product from Anastasia Beverly Hills and so far, i haven't been anyway near the unimpressed stage. When i first got this, i was a bit sceptical, but after playing around with the eyeshadows, i was thoroughly impressed. The palette itself is limited edition and it was around $35. I don't think that you can actually get it anymore as i bought this back early October time. These are without a doubt the best eyeshadows that i currently own. when it comes to palettes, i don't tend to stick to just one for a long time, i normally try it out for a week and then completely forget about it. However, this has a safe space in my makeup bag for a good time as i think its the perfect everyday palette. I go mediocre on my eyes in the days, i like them to be a little dark and smokey and this palette provides the perfect shades to do so. I have filmed a look with these palette which will be up tomorrow, so that will be on my YouTube channel if you want to check it out!

Overall, i love this palette. I don't have any words that will express my love for it. It is annoying that its limited edition but some of the shades my be in their individual collection when they are realised and i think its safe to say, i will be purchasing a few or a lot! Thank you for reading and if you haven't already check out my giveaway below!! Zx

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  1. Oooh the Sangria looks especially beautiful!
    I'd love to try this palette as it seems so versatile ^__^

    Jemma xx

  2. I have this palette and love it, the colours are gorgeous! x
    Mummy’s Beauty Corner


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