Sunday, 12 October 2014

Zoella Lets Glow

 Zoella is probably in my own opinion the most successful blogger in the UK and has a gigantic following so it was obvious that her products were going to do well. An inspiration for many and the reason many people have started blogs and youtube channels, Zoella is again in my opinion one of the most influential people out there for younger people aspiring to be youtubers when they grow up. So when i heard she was launching Zoella Beauty, i knew i had to buy some bits.

After hearing that the most successful british beauty youtuber and blogger was launching her own lime of pamper products, i knew i had to get my hands on some. I have been loving candles recently and this was the first one on my list. Lets Glow is a beautiful lightly fragranced candle that sends soft floral scents around the room. I think this was £6 and its probably the best £6 I've ever spent on a candle. I am probably the worst person to describe a scent, but if your in a superdrug, i urge you to go and give it a sniff because its unlike anything I've smelt before, but it weirdly leaves me wanting more. I also love the packaging, it is so cute and pretty and very pinterest, which of course I'm not objecting to. I really want to try the bath fizzers and pretty much all of the other products in Zoe's line. Its a very affordable brand with an excellent product from what i can tell so far. 

You can buy Zoes products at Feelunique and Superdrug. A massive congratulations to Zoe not that she will ever read this for creating a beautiful line of products! I hope you enjoyed reading! Xx


  1. I liked the scent too. I read some bloggers going on that they do not like the scent and that people just post positive reviews because its Zoe. But honestly, as if Zoe reads this. I would say it if i would not like it. I however do. Its a rather young smell, but for a candle or a body lotion i love it. It is also not to overwhelming.

    1. It so nice isn't it!! If i didnt like it, i would still write a review about it, i don't understand why you would lie to your readers haha. Yes completely agree! x

  2. I used to read her blog a lot but she doesn't update it so much as her youtube, which I'm generally not into. I still think she's great though and am happy for her that she brought these products out! I'm not really a beauty fan, but I want to get the candle! I always want candles!
    amber love


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