Friday, 3 October 2014

You Must Be Boring If You Don't Drink

When you reach the grand age of 18, you can of course legally go out and get avsolutely hammered. Something we can all relate to if you over the age that is. I've never been a big fan of alcohol and the effects that come with it. After 1 bad experience, and it was horrific, it's been enough to put me off. I turned 18 in 2009 which feels like it was about 150 years ago and I was one of the last people in my friendship group to turn 18. A couple of days after one of my best friends birthday, I decided to drink a whole bottle of vodka. Starting at the time of 3pm, I was a goneun for sure. By the time I made it out to the end of college leavers do I can't remember a bloody thing. Not necessarily a bad thing, but when you try and pay your dad as you think he's the taxi driver and the bouncers, it's a little embarrassing. Safe to say I've never loved that one down. 

Anyway, I don't really like drinking. In occasions I will get drunk and enjoy myself but I hate the way you feel the next day. The last time I got drunk which was in August, I decided that orange juice, champagne and vodka would be the most amazing drink ever. It clearly was as I drunk it all, my head the next day however was not a fan. 

I've never been able to grasp the enjoyment of drinking and the fun you have along with it. If someone colan give me the reasons why it's great then fantastic but for me, it's not something I enjoy and don't think I ever will. I get a lot of criticism from mainly my family about how boring I am because I don't drink. I have the odd 1 or 2 but I want to remember my night and be able to look back and say "hey remember how funny that dancing we did was". I actually seem to have more fun when I'm sober because 1. You get to laugh at the drunk people 2. You can act drunk and dance like an idiot and 3. You won't feel horrific in the morning. 

Anyway my point is no one should feel peer pressured into drinking and do what you want to do, not what others want. I get called boring and I know I'm not boring without sounding like a big headed ninny muggins, I go out and have fun and as long as you do just that, you shouldn't care what others think. 

Anyway, i hope this post was helpful and that you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading! Z xx


  1. Great post, I completely agree! Like you, I don't mind one or two drinks but I actually really dislike the feeling of being drunk. Alcohol makes me feel really rubbish so I'd much rather have soft drinks, no hangover and a completely free day the next day rather than having to 'recover' all day!
    Jennifer x

    1. so glad im not the only one! but totally agree with you! headache free ftw haha xx

  2. Great post! I am not always a big drinker either, it makes my anxiety worse so i avoid it when i'm not feeling 100% . But sometimes i do end up having more of a laugh 'cos it gives me more energy to keep dancing all night! xo
    amber love

    1. yeah i know what you mean, its not great, but sometimes it does give me more energy too! xx

  3. I completely agree with you- I really don't drink much either unless it's in a very casual setting. I used to when I was in college, but it gets old and feeling like a pile of poo the next day just isn't worth it. I guess us non-drinkers will just be uncool and headache-free together :)

    1. Yeah i think i had my time in college but was even a big drinker then! haha yes we will! xx


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