Saturday, 4 October 2014

Honeycomb Home

The other day, I saw this when it was about 2 weeks ago, my sister and I decided to make some honeycomb. Also know as hokey pokey in Cornwall, I had been wanting to make it for a while now, but my sister stole my idea and made it first. I absolutely love crunchies and I know they aren't the same, but I nearly taste as good. 

I thought I would take pictures as it's quite possibly the most simplest sweet treat to make and one of the cheapest. 

First of you will need to get the ingredients and a recipe of course. We used one from the Ultimate Nigella Lawson. All you will need to make this mind boggling treat is 4 tablespoons of golden syrup, 1 1/2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda and 100g of caster sugar.

First of I recommend getting all of the ingredients prepped, however this is such as easy recipe it's literally bunging the syrup and the sugar into the mixing bowl. When you come to getting the golden syrup, if you oil your tablespoon, the syrup will just glide of and not make a pain to try and get it of the spoon!

After you have got all the ingredients in a bowl minus the bicarbonate of soda, you need to make it into a paste. This isn't easy for those with a lack of upper body strength, I certainly struggled. Once you have done this, its simple. Put it in the pan for 3 minutes until its bubbling and looking like its burning on a high heat. We put ours on 250 degrees as this way its quicker and then you don't have to stand around for ages. 

Once this delicious bubbling syrup looks like it's done, you need to be super speedy here. Quickly take it of the heat and add the bicarbonate of dados into the sugary mixture and then whisk. It will rise very quickly ( so also make sure your using a decent sized pan) and turn into a gorgeous caramel colour. I really recommend you don't stick your fingers Ito as hot sugar burns. I've been there and it's one of the most painful things I've ever experienced. Once you've done this, simply put it into a try, let it cool and within an hour it will be set. I put mine in the fridge as I'm impatient and wanted it sooner.

Once it's set, the fun part of smashing it comes. All I did was lift up my tray and then dropped it on the surface. It was so satifsifying it's good if your angry! You can then smother, dip, coat or whatever you want in chocolate.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I loved making it and making the honeycomb of course. Let me know if you make it and I would love to see a picture if you do!

Zoe xx


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