Monday, 27 October 2014

Dramatic Halloween Look

So this is the final look for my halloween series. This is my favourite look i think out of them all. I love how simple, effective yet versatile it is. I love that you don't even even have to wear this for halloween, it could be for any occasion or event. I wanted to keep in with the halloween trend, by having the ombre lips. It didn't work aswell as i wanted it to, but i think its still quite effective. I am 100% going to be rocking this look on halloween, but with black lipstick instead of purple. I have left the video tutorial of it below and i hope you enjoy! X


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Sultry Clown Halloween Look

Clowns are probably a very stereotypical halloween costume. I know that my sister has a great fear of them, so i wanted to do a look that wasn't super scary, but it was still effective. I love the way this came out and i do believe its really effective and almost sultry, i also love the ombre lips.  Its simple yet effective and i think people can definitely tell what your aiming to be when you wear it. I will leave the video down below if you want to achieve this simple, yet effective look! Enjoy! X


Simple Sugar Skull

Another simple halloween look i have done on my youtube channel. This was super easy and it nice if you don't want to go all out cray with face paint and what not on Halloween. It is also great if your allergic to face paints. I really like this look and think its super effective.

You can easily re-create this with different colours and products, but i love how it came out. I have left the video below if you want to find out how to create it! Enjoy! X


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Brunette Barbie

As Halloween approaches, this year i decided not go all blood and guts and just do more simple looks. I am not going as any of these for Halloween, but i just thought these were simple ideas which i have never seen before.

My first look was a brunette barbie look. I am not a fan of coloured eyeshadow and pink is certainly one i would stay clear of, but i thought that perhaps some people do like colour and pink. I actually love these look and the outcome of it. I think its really effective and is a typical barbie look in my eyes.

If you want to see how i created it, you can just watch the video below. Its super was and quick and can be used with some many others colours as its such a simple smokey eye. Enjoy!


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Zoella Lets Glow

 Zoella is probably in my own opinion the most successful blogger in the UK and has a gigantic following so it was obvious that her products were going to do well. An inspiration for many and the reason many people have started blogs and youtube channels, Zoella is again in my opinion one of the most influential people out there for younger people aspiring to be youtubers when they grow up. So when i heard she was launching Zoella Beauty, i knew i had to buy some bits.

After hearing that the most successful british beauty youtuber and blogger was launching her own lime of pamper products, i knew i had to get my hands on some. I have been loving candles recently and this was the first one on my list. Lets Glow is a beautiful lightly fragranced candle that sends soft floral scents around the room. I think this was £6 and its probably the best £6 I've ever spent on a candle. I am probably the worst person to describe a scent, but if your in a superdrug, i urge you to go and give it a sniff because its unlike anything I've smelt before, but it weirdly leaves me wanting more. I also love the packaging, it is so cute and pretty and very pinterest, which of course I'm not objecting to. I really want to try the bath fizzers and pretty much all of the other products in Zoe's line. Its a very affordable brand with an excellent product from what i can tell so far. 

You can buy Zoes products at Feelunique and Superdrug. A massive congratulations to Zoe not that she will ever read this for creating a beautiful line of products! I hope you enjoyed reading! Xx

Monday, 6 October 2014


I am all sure that we have heard of the infamous Glamglow before and its magical powers. On my way back from Egypt, i picked up a tub on the duty free. I have wanted to try it for so long, that i thought why not and also duty free means its cheaper, so its a win win suitution.

After hearing so much about the product I just knew I had to try it. However, the steep price tag did put me of for quite a while and after seeing it on the plane, I feel it was a sign. I love face masks and as this one is exfoliating it's so nice and refreshing for my skin. It made a difference in one use, so I can't wait to use it again. I love the way it tightens my skin as I feel like it's getting rid of my wrinkles and any fine lines. Although it doesn't it just makes my skin feel so much more youthful and better. I only use small grapes sized amount and this cores the whole face. To take the face mask of i simply just use warm water and wash it of with my hands. I don't want to be to forceful with my skin, so i find my hands are the best way to remove it.

All in all, I am super impressed and really want to try more from the Glamglow range. I hope you enjoyed this post and have a lovely day! Zoe xx

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Honeycomb Home

The other day, I saw this when it was about 2 weeks ago, my sister and I decided to make some honeycomb. Also know as hokey pokey in Cornwall, I had been wanting to make it for a while now, but my sister stole my idea and made it first. I absolutely love crunchies and I know they aren't the same, but I nearly taste as good. 

I thought I would take pictures as it's quite possibly the most simplest sweet treat to make and one of the cheapest. 

First of you will need to get the ingredients and a recipe of course. We used one from the Ultimate Nigella Lawson. All you will need to make this mind boggling treat is 4 tablespoons of golden syrup, 1 1/2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda and 100g of caster sugar.

First of I recommend getting all of the ingredients prepped, however this is such as easy recipe it's literally bunging the syrup and the sugar into the mixing bowl. When you come to getting the golden syrup, if you oil your tablespoon, the syrup will just glide of and not make a pain to try and get it of the spoon!

After you have got all the ingredients in a bowl minus the bicarbonate of soda, you need to make it into a paste. This isn't easy for those with a lack of upper body strength, I certainly struggled. Once you have done this, its simple. Put it in the pan for 3 minutes until its bubbling and looking like its burning on a high heat. We put ours on 250 degrees as this way its quicker and then you don't have to stand around for ages. 

Once this delicious bubbling syrup looks like it's done, you need to be super speedy here. Quickly take it of the heat and add the bicarbonate of dados into the sugary mixture and then whisk. It will rise very quickly ( so also make sure your using a decent sized pan) and turn into a gorgeous caramel colour. I really recommend you don't stick your fingers Ito as hot sugar burns. I've been there and it's one of the most painful things I've ever experienced. Once you've done this, simply put it into a try, let it cool and within an hour it will be set. I put mine in the fridge as I'm impatient and wanted it sooner.

Once it's set, the fun part of smashing it comes. All I did was lift up my tray and then dropped it on the surface. It was so satifsifying it's good if your angry! You can then smother, dip, coat or whatever you want in chocolate.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I loved making it and making the honeycomb of course. Let me know if you make it and I would love to see a picture if you do!

Zoe xx


Friday, 3 October 2014

You Must Be Boring If You Don't Drink

When you reach the grand age of 18, you can of course legally go out and get avsolutely hammered. Something we can all relate to if you over the age that is. I've never been a big fan of alcohol and the effects that come with it. After 1 bad experience, and it was horrific, it's been enough to put me off. I turned 18 in 2009 which feels like it was about 150 years ago and I was one of the last people in my friendship group to turn 18. A couple of days after one of my best friends birthday, I decided to drink a whole bottle of vodka. Starting at the time of 3pm, I was a goneun for sure. By the time I made it out to the end of college leavers do I can't remember a bloody thing. Not necessarily a bad thing, but when you try and pay your dad as you think he's the taxi driver and the bouncers, it's a little embarrassing. Safe to say I've never loved that one down. 

Anyway, I don't really like drinking. In occasions I will get drunk and enjoy myself but I hate the way you feel the next day. The last time I got drunk which was in August, I decided that orange juice, champagne and vodka would be the most amazing drink ever. It clearly was as I drunk it all, my head the next day however was not a fan. 

I've never been able to grasp the enjoyment of drinking and the fun you have along with it. If someone colan give me the reasons why it's great then fantastic but for me, it's not something I enjoy and don't think I ever will. I get a lot of criticism from mainly my family about how boring I am because I don't drink. I have the odd 1 or 2 but I want to remember my night and be able to look back and say "hey remember how funny that dancing we did was". I actually seem to have more fun when I'm sober because 1. You get to laugh at the drunk people 2. You can act drunk and dance like an idiot and 3. You won't feel horrific in the morning. 

Anyway my point is no one should feel peer pressured into drinking and do what you want to do, not what others want. I get called boring and I know I'm not boring without sounding like a big headed ninny muggins, I go out and have fun and as long as you do just that, you shouldn't care what others think. 

Anyway, i hope this post was helpful and that you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading! Z xx
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