Monday, 15 September 2014

Autumn Leaves

A quick post to just tell you about a new look i have created. I was inspired by my MAC Melon pigment which reminded me of the the autumn leaves falling onto the ground. Also all of the greens, browns and oranges that we see around this time of year. This pigment reflects them all and i thought it would make a really nice wearable look for the autumn.

I hope you enjoy.


Thursday, 4 September 2014

One Step Smokey Eye.

Recently, i have been all about a simple and easy makeup routine. I don't wear foundation in the day or powder or concealer, just eye makeup. So when i only have 5 minutes till i need to be out of the door, this is my go to look. It is so easy and looks surprisingly good bias but i think it does.

I picked up this makeup forever aqua magic shadow stick whilst i was in paris and i have been loving it. It is a gorgeous chocolate bronze shade obviously and it is so easy just to swipe on and then blend out either with fingers or a brush. I normally like to use my MAC 217 just to blend out the edges to make them look smokey and not too harsh. Also my new Charlotte Tilbury Eye Smudger brush is amazing for smudging out the lower lash line. It really smokes it out and blends the product perfectly.
I add lashings of Benefit and Charlotte Tilbury mascara to make the look a bit more dramatic for the day. Personally, i quite like wearing a little more heavy eye makeup in the day, but i also am up to the idea of just wearing mascara, so it really depends on my mood.

I have also done a video all about this look and explained it in more detail. The video will be up on sunday and i will link it to this blog post once it is uploaded. I hope you enjoyed both blog post and video! Thank you for reading! xx

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My University Experience

Today i really wanted to talk about my experience with uni and my advice to any of the new freshers that will soon be joining the university scene. I think I'm the only person to have the experience that i had at university, but i still feel like it changed me and gave me so many life skills and prepared me for living away from my parents in the future. 

I can remember receiving my a-level results and being so happy and overwhelmed that i had got into my first choice of uni to study my chosen topic. Buying stuff for my halls was the most exciting thing ever and so much fun. By the time this had all happened, first year had arrived. I was so excited/nervous to start a new adventure. When i moved into halls, i was the first one to arrive on a friday, so i just chilled for the first night and then waited for people to join the next day. I had been speaking a to couple of people that i had found via Facebook groups and this was so helpful and nice to know that i already half knew some of the people that would either be in my flat or next doors flat, or just generally in my halls. Once everyone had arrived we quickly made friends with our flat next door and we all hung out together. I loved my course and was enjoying myself, just like a typical fresher does. In late October, halloween came around and thats when things started to change. I started to feel more and more left out of the group so i just stayed in my room. I hate that feeling of emptiness and feeling like your not wanted and thats what i got. I just decided that i would stay in my room and focus on my studying. 

By the time christmas had come, things took a massive turn for the worst and i had a complete breakdown. After being told i couldn't live with the other girls in my flat and next doors flat, i was ready to quit and leave uni for good. I went home for 6 weeks for Christmas and was dreading coming back to not having any friends or anyone to live with next year. I had the option to either find people or commute. My parents wanted me to get the experience of living on my own, so i decided to try and find a gourd of other people to live with. Luckily i did. I also went home every weekend to work and just to get away from the people who i thought i could trust and be friends with. By this point and returning back to uni after christmas, i had lost all confidence, not that i had much anyway, and felt like i had no one to turn too. I had a couple of friends on my course and a friend who lived in another set of halls. I also decided at this stage that in fact, i didn't enjoy my course and it wasn't something i wanted to do. I am dyslexic so i couldn't always grasp things easily and i really struggled throughout uni and i saw it more and more everyday. It was holding my back and not allowing me to do the best and to achieve what i wanted to achieve.  I felt like 2nd year was a complete blur and i struggled, had by ups and downs, had my good and bad days, but i got through it. 

By the time 3rd year had come around, i was so happy but also terrified. Knowing that it was my last year made me so happy, but i also knew that i really had to put the effort and determination in to get a good grade at the end of it. The first semester was absolutely fine. I didn't really make much effort, but i pulled through. Doing something you hate isn't fun and makes it 10x harder to get out of bed knowing you've got to go to lecture that you really couldn't care less about. After Christmas, it was okay, i was excited to start my new project, but i felt like i received a lack of help and i personally felt like the tutors didnt give me the ideas, time and motivation. They expected a hell of a lot in the smallest amount of time, which clearly wasn't going to happen. During February, i had to take some time out as my uncle passed away. I wanted to be at home with my family and not studying. I think i took about 2/3 weeks of and i didnt miss, but knowing how much work i had to go back to was not cool. Anyway, i got through and made my final collection. Graduation was lots of fun and such a relief of never having to return and study again.

Thats basically my 3 years in a short paragraph or 2. I could have gone into a lot more detail but i didnt want to bore you all. I want to share some of my tips know from my experience because i would hate for someone to go through what i went through. 

  • Make sure you really want to go to uni, not just because your friends are going, or your family want too. I really regret going and wasting all that money on something i got nothing out off.
  • Choose the right course. Don't make the mistake i did and choose a course that you think is going to be fun. Okay, your first year doesn't count and the work isn't exactly hard, but 2nd and 3rd year are a massive leap and a slap in the face.
  • Don't be someone your not when you meet new people. Be yourself and don't be afraid to not do what everyone else does.
  • There isn't a popular group at uni and realistically to sum it up no one gives a shit about you unless they are you friends. Don't try and be cool, because people will just laugh at you and think your pathetic.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help and remember that your family are always there. If you go through a bad stage at uni, tell your tutors, speak to someone a friend or family. People are always there to listen and give advice.
  • Finally have fun and make memories. Don't make the same mistakes as me as just sit in your room on your own 24/7. Go out and make friends and memories.I think if my first year wasn't as bad and i was with nice people, uni would have been a much more better experience for me, but i just drew the short straw.
So that was my experience and tips. I hope you enjoyed this post and have gotten something out of it. Clearly, the tips were based on my experience and i haven't known anyone to go through what i went, so i am sure 99% of the people that have an amazing time and love every single moment of it.  Thank you for reading xxx

Monday, 1 September 2014

Shower Staples

Everyone has some shower staples that they can not live without, so today, i thought i would share with you my recent favourites to have and use in the shower. I have a combination of hair and body bits and skincare. I would also like to point out, that my family clearly love my shower staples as they use them all the time, then when i want to use them they are all gone. not happy.

First of is my La Roche Posay physiological cleansing milk. I have mentioned this before and had it for a while now, but i love this. It is amazing for dry skin as it is super light and very moisturising. You have the option to let it sink into your skin and you can wash it of. I prefer leaving it to sink in because 1 I'm lazy and 2, it makes my skin feel so much more hydrated when I've finished using it. 

Origins is a brand i am just getting my teeth into and i really enjoy it. I like using this Clear Improvement mask to help minimise pores and also that feeling of a mask drying on your face = bliss. I was a bit skeptical that this would dry out my skin and not work, but i think its really helped to clear up my skin, which has been a nightmare recently. It claims to also help minimise pores and i feel like it has. Mine were like giant volcanoes on my nose and chin ansi feel like they have minimised and gone down a lot. 

I love this Original Source Lemon and Teatree shower gel. Anything scented lemon is my favourite. I don't like lemons themselves, but this shower gel is incredible. It makes me so happy every time i use it. Its pretty cheap as well and lasts a long time. Who doesn't want to smell like a lemon when they've stepped out of the shower? 

This next product is a bit of a mistake product. Initially i thought it was a hair mask, then when i got it home, i realised it was a body moisturiser. I was pretty annoyed, but i still put it on my hair and it did make a difference. Since then though, i have been using it for its proper use. I never used to bother with moisturising, but i love this Ojon Body Full Moisturiser. It sinks in quickly,  is extremely moisturising and hydrating and it has a weird smell. I can't quite put my finger on it, but every time i go to smell it i like it the first time, then suddenly it makes me want to throw up. I have no idea, but i just get over and still use it and it is amazing. 

Soap and Glory is one of my all-time favourite ever brands. They just know how to make good smelling, affordable products that work. I love this smoothie breakfast scrub for exfoliating. It smells incredible and it is hands down the best exfoliant I've ever tried. 

Next up is a hair product which i actually use before the shower. This Argon oil is from my trip to Morocco last year. I was so excited to get some, that i decided to lose it for a year and then it has just returned into my life again. I put this on damp or dry, depending on my mood and laziness, leave it for 10 minutes then i jump in the shower and rinse my hair like normal. I never realised how much of a difference it would make to my hair. It is so nourishing and makes my hair look nice and shiny when its dry. I am not looking forward to the day this runs out, or maybe that means another trip to Morocco....

Finally, my Herbal Essence Bee Strong Hair Mask. I love herbal essence and have been using their products my entire life. Infact my whole family loves their shampoos and conditioners. I have recently started a process of ombreing my hair and this has been a life saver for my poor bleached ends. I hate how they feel, but love knowing this can be applied to them. It makes them alot stronger, hydrated, moisturised. You name it, it does it. 

So there are my shower staples. I hope you enjoyed this post, i really enjoyed typing it and am relieved to have finally found shower products that i am happy to keep until, i get bored or run out of them. Thank you for reading xxx
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