Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Summer Garden Decoration Ideas

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Recently, homeware and general decorations have been my favourite thing to think of and look at. I love decorating and all the fun and unique ways you can do this. It was my grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary party on Saturday and before it came around, I was thinking of some cool and pretty ways to decorate the garden, as it was garden party. lets hope the weather keeps the rain away and it did. hallelujah. Of course, when your seeking design and decoration ideas, there really is only one place to browse all of the beautifulness people have created. Pinterest. I love pinterest, but am 100% guilty of not using it enough. Its just has incredible design ideas, styles and everything in between.

I had a rough idea of what i wanted to do, but seeing as we were just having a long table, it was going to be hard to get lantern and fairy lights all across. In the end we did put up some Christmas lights yes, i know, way to early and then some net lights at the end where the young'uns sat. My family really isn't into design and i didn't want to spend my money on something that was being used once, but i didn't even think of it in the evening, so it clearly didn't matter to much. next time though, i shall get lanterns and fairy lights. I pulled together some pictures which i love and wanted to share with you and give you ideas of just general decorations ideas for both inside and out and not for just occasions. 

I hope you enjoyed, i know it was more of a picture post, but they are beautiful pictures, so i am sure you can forgive me. Let me know if you liked it as i really enjoyed writing it and doing the research on pinterest for it. plus i just got to look at pretty things for hours. Thank you for reading! xxx


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