Thursday, 14 August 2014

National Lipstick Day

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. So from the title, I'm pretty sure you can guess what this post is going to be about. I am fully aware i am very late as national lipstick day was July 29th, but seeing as i own way to many lipsticks, i thought i would show you the lipsticks i purchased on National Lipstick Day. i also blame my cousin for telling me debenhams had £5 of lipsticks..... but thank you. This isn't going to be a review as I've not tried them all out for longer then a swatch yet, but i will definitely do a review on all of them very soon!

No lipstick purchase can be made without adding to my already overflowing collection on MAC lipsticks. After hearing so much about Saigon Summer i had to pick it up and its orange. Although it says its a cremesheen, it is very sheer on the lips and takes a good couple of coats to make it more opaque. It is still very creamy and moisturising on the lips though.

Next up is a very exciting one. Illamasqua is a brand I've wanted to try for years now, but I've just never got round to it. When the opportunity came to buy a lipstick for £55 cheaper then the normal price, of course i jumped at it. Although its a nude and I'm not 100% i like it, the formula is very creamy and very pigmented.

Armarni, lipsticks have become very popular recently, so i jumped on the back of the wagon and decided to pick one up. Although i picked up a very winter/autumn shade almost identical to kate moss 107 it is very pigmented. It feels like its got a more of a matte finish but its not to drying on the lips which is always a good thing.

Guerlain is a brand that i would associate with chocolate. The shells praline ones, can't remember what they are called, but i can't eat them as they are nut based. Anyway, although i think i got the wrong shade sent to me, i actually quite like it. I have about 4 pinks in my entire lipstick collection and this one is beautiful and super creamy. Although the packaging reminds me a of gigantic boat, its very unique and i think that mirror will become very handy.

Again, Bobbi Brown is a brand I've never tried anything from, but really wanted to. A same situation as the colour online was totally different to what i received, but i kinda like in a weird way. Its so unique and well just odd. I have never really heard anything about Bobbi Brown lipsticks, but they are super creamy and pigmented.

I bought this Sisley lipstick after watching Zoe's recent makeup storage video. Of course being orange, i just feel in love. I love the packaging for this and the shape of the lipstick is so unique and quirky. Its got a sheer formula but is certainly buildable to a more opaque finish. A tad on the expensive side though....

I just can't resist a beautiful packaged lipstick and of YSL certainly do the best ones. This shade is a really nice everyday colour with just a pop of coral. Its a sheer formula, but the colour payoff is in between opaque and sheer. Incredibly moisturising and the most beautifully packaged lipstick ever.

Too Faced is a relatively new brand to me. Ive only got 1 over product from them which i absolutely love. When i heard about the melted lip lacquers, i just had to get my hands on them. Of course i wanted an orange,but i had to settle with a red. I am seriously impressed with this so far. Amazing colour, amazing formula and just all round amazing. I really must try some more of these.

So there we go a little late or early you could say for the next year. I love lipsticks and they are the one product i collect the most. I really have no idea why, but clearly there is a mild ha mild my arse obsession there. I will go into more detail on them all in reviews very soon! I really hope you liked this post as i really enjoyed writing it! Thank you for reading! xxx p.s. i will do a lipstick collection video soon, link to my youtube here, don't forget to follow on here and subscribe on there pretty please!



  1. Good choice of lipsticks :)
    Sorry for telling you about the offer hahaha!
    They ended up sending me a really nice Bobbi Brown lipstick instead of a Mac one that I ordered (not complaining as I'm pretty sure BB cost more than Mac)!!
    Michelle xxx

    1. Haha don't be sorry, best thing I've ever heard haha. Ohhhh pretty, yeah i think they are around £25 normally, deffs better then MAC haha! xxx

  2. You bought so many! They all look like gorgeous colours x



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