Tuesday, 26 August 2014

J'adore Paree

A couple of weeks back 6 to be precise, my best friend and I took our other best friend to Paris for the day for her 21st Birthday. It was a total surprise to her and it was an incredible day. Holly and I had been before, but Henny never had, so it was a really exciting trip for her. We did all the sites and got a bit soaked and had blisters all by the end of it, but it was so worth it. We did it all in one day, so we had to strategically plan, but we managed to do all the sites that we wanted too. 

After trying to find our way to the metro station from the train station not an easy task we hoped on a tube to head to our first stop, which was the Eiffel Tower. After watching a man get his legs squashed in the gap between the train and the platform, we finally made it. We decided to walk up the Eiffel tower as it was cheaper and then we didn't have to queue as long as the lifts were. After making it to the first floor with jelly legs and a mini asthma attach always carry your inhalers kids, the views were just breathtaking. I don't have any pictures from the last time i went up there, but really made me realise how beautiful Paris is. Once, i had recovered from a near death experience, i took on another near death experience to get to the 2nd floor. Again, after pretty much dying, i made it and immediately went for the water stands. €5 for a bottle of water. Ridiculous, but i was desperate, so i really didn't care. After spending a good 45 just being amazed at the size of the Arc de Truimphe i didn't realise it was that tall and big we headed back down, which was a much easier task then going up.

Holly had been on a boat taxi before, so we decided this would be the most time efficient way to get round and see all the sites we wanted too. It was also a great way to see the sites and relax after climbing 623 or something steps. On the boat we went past the Musse D'Orsay, but we didn't stop as we weren't to fused about seeing it. We then headed to the Notre Dame, which of course just made me want to spot the 3 statue things from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. However, i think we were all so excited to see the lock bridge and of course, add our own lock onto the bridge. I was amazed at how many were piled on there and just how many there were.

We also went past the Grand Palais, which i have been in before to see a art show/gallery. This is also famous for holding the Chanel shows, so i always get excited when i see it. 

Once we had looked and fascinated over the lock bride, it was around 1pm, so we decided to get a spot of lunch. Of course, we found a little cafe called Brasserie Esmerada, we got a baguette and chips. I don't know if anyone feels the same, but for me this was a typical French lunch. We sat down in the ground of the Notre Dame, accompanied by many Pigeons to devour our food before we went to the front of the Notre Dame. 

By this point, it had gotten pretty warm so the sunnies were out and the jacket was off. Just to introduce you to our gang, Henny is the middle, Holly is the end and obvs I'm at the front. Once we had pondered around the typical tourist shops and i bought a baguette pen that doesn't work, the weather took a turn for the worst, so i had to put my camera away. Oh. My. God. We got soaked. I have never seen rain so bad, well i joke, we live in england but still it was disgusting. You know that feeling where the end of your trousers/jeans soak up the water and your shoes are like a sponge when you walk. We had that and had to deal with it until we were dry. 

Once we had dryer off and the weather had cleared, we arrived at the infamous Louvre. Holly and I had both been here before and inside the museum with our old college. However, annoyingly it is shut on Tuesdays, so we only got to look around the grounds. They are so beautiful and relaxing, it is a lovely place to go and when the sun is shining, the place it self is beautiful. After that, we headed along a road that was parallel to the louvre to go to a cafe called Angelinas. We had been here before and there hot chocolates are incredible. However, luck was not on our side and they had moved whilst being refurbed. We could have tried to find it, but not speaking french or knowing our way around, we opted out and just headed up to the Arc De Triumph. 

After we had walked up possibly the worlds longest road and walked on the road itself this was when tour de france was happening, not there but they were prepping for it we finally stumbled upon the famous road that of course had a Sephora on it. I had saved all of my money to go in there and have a little splurge. I did a video, so i will link it below for you to watch, if you want to see what i bought. Once we hd finished in there i mean me obviously we walked up to the Arc de Triumph. The first thing i thought is ''i would not drive around that!''. The road looked absolutely hidious and i don't even know how people got to go into the middle of the Arc without dying. maybe its a serious game of chicken. This was the first time i had seen the Arc de Triumph and i was just amazed by the size of it. It was so beautiful and so picturesque. After this, we just headed to the Hard Rock cafe for dinner. I managed to get soaked in the bathroom as i couldn't work the taps and managed to get drenched. was amazing..... Then we went to the station, got on the train and headed back to London. 

Overall, it was an incredible day and one that i will cherish forever. I really want to go back for longer then a day. had the best night sleep ever after this. I love Paris and love that its only 3 hours on the eurostar. I have popped my video below of the goodies i bought in Sephora. I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading! X


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