Sunday, 10 August 2014

Life Issues #1

Hello everyone, i do hope you are all well. Im am just drying out from getting hit my ice balls falling from the sky. it was wonderful....  Today i wanted to write a completely different post and even since saturdays events, I've wanted to write about it and just share my thoughts on the topic.

So starting from Saturday, the day was going well and my dad, sister and I had just been out for breakfast, when we took a detour to show me an alternative way to work. I never knew that 15 minutes later, i would on the phone to an ambulance. We were driving along a country road and we just saw this woman on the floor. At first, i thought she was emptying her bag, but the lady looked up at my dad and he pulled over straight away. We all rushed out the car to see her husband laying on the floor. Now, i have never called or even been in an ambulance before and i was terrified. The thought of dialling 999 was something i thought i would never have to do. Luckily the man wasn't badly hurt, he had just badly hurt his mouth and his lip. 

After he had been taken of to hospital, i felt very emotional and like i hadn't done anything to help. The car journey home was completely silence and just weird to be completely honest. I am so glad the man wasn't badly hurt and that his wife was extremely calm in the situation, but it just made me realise how important helping others is. As we were the first people there, 2 more cars then pulled over to help. Lots of cars drove past slowly and a couple just asked if there was anything they could do. However, we have pulled all the coats out of my dads car, first aid kit and tissues all we could do was wait. The ambulance did take a fair while as we were literally in the middle of no where on a small country road. 

Without sounding like a complete stuck-up person, i think that i do help others more then i get helped myself. As i don't like sympathy or attention to be honest, i always say I'm fine, even when I'm not. I really enjoy helping others and making sure that they are okay and giving them advice, but i understand that not even is like this. Now, i don't want to start a war with this one, but i really just don't understand people who are rude, un helpful and couldn't car about others. I know there is a saying which is ''selfish people live longer'' but i would rather live less longer by not being selfish and helping others. Of course, I'm the most un-perfect person in the entire world and of course i can be selfish at times, but i don't really know where this is going now...........

I think my point is to help others, treat others as you would like to be treated. If you want to be treated like a bitch, then well, be a bitch. I feel like this was completely pointless, but i just needed to get it out and i feel so much better for writing it. Even if it was a load of sh*t, its helped me. Anyway, if you enjoyed it then yaayy and if you didn't then well, nevermind.... Thnk you for reading!! xxx
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