Tuesday, 26 August 2014

J'adore Paree

A couple of weeks back 6 to be precise, my best friend and I took our other best friend to Paris for the day for her 21st Birthday. It was a total surprise to her and it was an incredible day. Holly and I had been before, but Henny never had, so it was a really exciting trip for her. We did all the sites and got a bit soaked and had blisters all by the end of it, but it was so worth it. We did it all in one day, so we had to strategically plan, but we managed to do all the sites that we wanted too. 

After trying to find our way to the metro station from the train station not an easy task we hoped on a tube to head to our first stop, which was the Eiffel Tower. After watching a man get his legs squashed in the gap between the train and the platform, we finally made it. We decided to walk up the Eiffel tower as it was cheaper and then we didn't have to queue as long as the lifts were. After making it to the first floor with jelly legs and a mini asthma attach always carry your inhalers kids, the views were just breathtaking. I don't have any pictures from the last time i went up there, but really made me realise how beautiful Paris is. Once, i had recovered from a near death experience, i took on another near death experience to get to the 2nd floor. Again, after pretty much dying, i made it and immediately went for the water stands. €5 for a bottle of water. Ridiculous, but i was desperate, so i really didn't care. After spending a good 45 just being amazed at the size of the Arc de Truimphe i didn't realise it was that tall and big we headed back down, which was a much easier task then going up.

Holly had been on a boat taxi before, so we decided this would be the most time efficient way to get round and see all the sites we wanted too. It was also a great way to see the sites and relax after climbing 623 or something steps. On the boat we went past the Musse D'Orsay, but we didn't stop as we weren't to fused about seeing it. We then headed to the Notre Dame, which of course just made me want to spot the 3 statue things from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. However, i think we were all so excited to see the lock bridge and of course, add our own lock onto the bridge. I was amazed at how many were piled on there and just how many there were.

We also went past the Grand Palais, which i have been in before to see a art show/gallery. This is also famous for holding the Chanel shows, so i always get excited when i see it. 

Once we had looked and fascinated over the lock bride, it was around 1pm, so we decided to get a spot of lunch. Of course, we found a little cafe called Brasserie Esmerada, we got a baguette and chips. I don't know if anyone feels the same, but for me this was a typical French lunch. We sat down in the ground of the Notre Dame, accompanied by many Pigeons to devour our food before we went to the front of the Notre Dame. 

By this point, it had gotten pretty warm so the sunnies were out and the jacket was off. Just to introduce you to our gang, Henny is the middle, Holly is the end and obvs I'm at the front. Once we had pondered around the typical tourist shops and i bought a baguette pen that doesn't work, the weather took a turn for the worst, so i had to put my camera away. Oh. My. God. We got soaked. I have never seen rain so bad, well i joke, we live in england but still it was disgusting. You know that feeling where the end of your trousers/jeans soak up the water and your shoes are like a sponge when you walk. We had that and had to deal with it until we were dry. 

Once we had dryer off and the weather had cleared, we arrived at the infamous Louvre. Holly and I had both been here before and inside the museum with our old college. However, annoyingly it is shut on Tuesdays, so we only got to look around the grounds. They are so beautiful and relaxing, it is a lovely place to go and when the sun is shining, the place it self is beautiful. After that, we headed along a road that was parallel to the louvre to go to a cafe called Angelinas. We had been here before and there hot chocolates are incredible. However, luck was not on our side and they had moved whilst being refurbed. We could have tried to find it, but not speaking french or knowing our way around, we opted out and just headed up to the Arc De Triumph. 

After we had walked up possibly the worlds longest road and walked on the road itself this was when tour de france was happening, not there but they were prepping for it we finally stumbled upon the famous road that of course had a Sephora on it. I had saved all of my money to go in there and have a little splurge. I did a video, so i will link it below for you to watch, if you want to see what i bought. Once we hd finished in there i mean me obviously we walked up to the Arc de Triumph. The first thing i thought is ''i would not drive around that!''. The road looked absolutely hidious and i don't even know how people got to go into the middle of the Arc without dying. maybe its a serious game of chicken. This was the first time i had seen the Arc de Triumph and i was just amazed by the size of it. It was so beautiful and so picturesque. After this, we just headed to the Hard Rock cafe for dinner. I managed to get soaked in the bathroom as i couldn't work the taps and managed to get drenched. was amazing..... Then we went to the station, got on the train and headed back to London. 

Overall, it was an incredible day and one that i will cherish forever. I really want to go back for longer then a day. had the best night sleep ever after this. I love Paris and love that its only 3 hours on the eurostar. I have popped my video below of the goodies i bought in Sephora. I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading! X


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Summer Garden Decoration Ideas

All pictures from pinterest.com
Recently, homeware and general decorations have been my favourite thing to think of and look at. I love decorating and all the fun and unique ways you can do this. It was my grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary party on Saturday and before it came around, I was thinking of some cool and pretty ways to decorate the garden, as it was garden party. lets hope the weather keeps the rain away and it did. hallelujah. Of course, when your seeking design and decoration ideas, there really is only one place to browse all of the beautifulness people have created. Pinterest. I love pinterest, but am 100% guilty of not using it enough. Its just has incredible design ideas, styles and everything in between.

I had a rough idea of what i wanted to do, but seeing as we were just having a long table, it was going to be hard to get lantern and fairy lights all across. In the end we did put up some Christmas lights yes, i know, way to early and then some net lights at the end where the young'uns sat. My family really isn't into design and i didn't want to spend my money on something that was being used once, but i didn't even think of it in the evening, so it clearly didn't matter to much. next time though, i shall get lanterns and fairy lights. I pulled together some pictures which i love and wanted to share with you and give you ideas of just general decorations ideas for both inside and out and not for just occasions. 

I hope you enjoyed, i know it was more of a picture post, but they are beautiful pictures, so i am sure you can forgive me. Let me know if you liked it as i really enjoyed writing it and doing the research on pinterest for it. plus i just got to look at pretty things for hours. Thank you for reading! xxx


Monday, 18 August 2014

Nars Ita Kabuki Brush

Hello everyone, i hope you are all well. Today i want to talk to you about the new best thing in my life. I am not even joking when i say this. Its quite bad to say this is how exciting my life is, but really, it has changed my life in a small amount of way most people will think this is pathetic, but once you see it and you love makeup brushes, you will know what i mean..... i hope....

The NARS Ita 21 brush has been around for very long, but i didn't know about it until i was watching one of Lauren's makeup tutorials and she whacked it out. This brush is literally the definition of cheekbones and face structure. I have a rather round and podgy face like the rest of me and this brush is literally my new best friend. soz h+h. It has literally changed my makeup routine, my life, it is my world. Now i do realise I'm getting very emotional over  brush, but i just can not put into words how amazing it was. My mum had to wait in all day for it and when i showed her, she just said its a brush. She could not have been more wrong. It isn't just a brush, its a bars brush, its a contour brush, this brush will change your life. Ive never taken such care with a brush, it is like my baby. and the fact it was £43 may also be why. Yes, it is overpriced, but if i get a slender, structured, chiseled cheekbone face to make my face look less round and podgy, then hell yes, i will treat myself and buy it.

A short and sweet post, but my love for this brush is undeniably strong and i really recommend that you buy it. If you are disappointed then 1. what is wrong with you and 2. I'm not sure we could ever be friends i actually only have 2 friends so......... Anyway, i hope you enjoyed this short and snappy post, but i just had to share it with you. also yes, the calendar is the best thing ever. after the brush....Thank you for reading! Xxx

Thursday, 14 August 2014

National Lipstick Day

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. So from the title, I'm pretty sure you can guess what this post is going to be about. I am fully aware i am very late as national lipstick day was July 29th, but seeing as i own way to many lipsticks, i thought i would show you the lipsticks i purchased on National Lipstick Day. i also blame my cousin for telling me debenhams had £5 of lipsticks..... but thank you. This isn't going to be a review as I've not tried them all out for longer then a swatch yet, but i will definitely do a review on all of them very soon!

No lipstick purchase can be made without adding to my already overflowing collection on MAC lipsticks. After hearing so much about Saigon Summer i had to pick it up and its orange. Although it says its a cremesheen, it is very sheer on the lips and takes a good couple of coats to make it more opaque. It is still very creamy and moisturising on the lips though.

Next up is a very exciting one. Illamasqua is a brand I've wanted to try for years now, but I've just never got round to it. When the opportunity came to buy a lipstick for £55 cheaper then the normal price, of course i jumped at it. Although its a nude and I'm not 100% i like it, the formula is very creamy and very pigmented.

Armarni, lipsticks have become very popular recently, so i jumped on the back of the wagon and decided to pick one up. Although i picked up a very winter/autumn shade almost identical to kate moss 107 it is very pigmented. It feels like its got a more of a matte finish but its not to drying on the lips which is always a good thing.

Guerlain is a brand that i would associate with chocolate. The shells praline ones, can't remember what they are called, but i can't eat them as they are nut based. Anyway, although i think i got the wrong shade sent to me, i actually quite like it. I have about 4 pinks in my entire lipstick collection and this one is beautiful and super creamy. Although the packaging reminds me a of gigantic boat, its very unique and i think that mirror will become very handy.

Again, Bobbi Brown is a brand I've never tried anything from, but really wanted to. A same situation as the colour online was totally different to what i received, but i kinda like in a weird way. Its so unique and well just odd. I have never really heard anything about Bobbi Brown lipsticks, but they are super creamy and pigmented.

I bought this Sisley lipstick after watching Zoe's recent makeup storage video. Of course being orange, i just feel in love. I love the packaging for this and the shape of the lipstick is so unique and quirky. Its got a sheer formula but is certainly buildable to a more opaque finish. A tad on the expensive side though....

I just can't resist a beautiful packaged lipstick and of YSL certainly do the best ones. This shade is a really nice everyday colour with just a pop of coral. Its a sheer formula, but the colour payoff is in between opaque and sheer. Incredibly moisturising and the most beautifully packaged lipstick ever.

Too Faced is a relatively new brand to me. Ive only got 1 over product from them which i absolutely love. When i heard about the melted lip lacquers, i just had to get my hands on them. Of course i wanted an orange,but i had to settle with a red. I am seriously impressed with this so far. Amazing colour, amazing formula and just all round amazing. I really must try some more of these.

So there we go a little late or early you could say for the next year. I love lipsticks and they are the one product i collect the most. I really have no idea why, but clearly there is a mild ha mild my arse obsession there. I will go into more detail on them all in reviews very soon! I really hope you liked this post as i really enjoyed writing it! Thank you for reading! xxx p.s. i will do a lipstick collection video soon, link to my youtube here, don't forget to follow on here and subscribe on there pretty please!


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Life Issues #1

Hello everyone, i do hope you are all well. Im am just drying out from getting hit my ice balls falling from the sky. it was wonderful....  Today i wanted to write a completely different post and even since saturdays events, I've wanted to write about it and just share my thoughts on the topic.

So starting from Saturday, the day was going well and my dad, sister and I had just been out for breakfast, when we took a detour to show me an alternative way to work. I never knew that 15 minutes later, i would on the phone to an ambulance. We were driving along a country road and we just saw this woman on the floor. At first, i thought she was emptying her bag, but the lady looked up at my dad and he pulled over straight away. We all rushed out the car to see her husband laying on the floor. Now, i have never called or even been in an ambulance before and i was terrified. The thought of dialling 999 was something i thought i would never have to do. Luckily the man wasn't badly hurt, he had just badly hurt his mouth and his lip. 

After he had been taken of to hospital, i felt very emotional and like i hadn't done anything to help. The car journey home was completely silence and just weird to be completely honest. I am so glad the man wasn't badly hurt and that his wife was extremely calm in the situation, but it just made me realise how important helping others is. As we were the first people there, 2 more cars then pulled over to help. Lots of cars drove past slowly and a couple just asked if there was anything they could do. However, we have pulled all the coats out of my dads car, first aid kit and tissues all we could do was wait. The ambulance did take a fair while as we were literally in the middle of no where on a small country road. 

Without sounding like a complete stuck-up person, i think that i do help others more then i get helped myself. As i don't like sympathy or attention to be honest, i always say I'm fine, even when I'm not. I really enjoy helping others and making sure that they are okay and giving them advice, but i understand that not even is like this. Now, i don't want to start a war with this one, but i really just don't understand people who are rude, un helpful and couldn't car about others. I know there is a saying which is ''selfish people live longer'' but i would rather live less longer by not being selfish and helping others. Of course, I'm the most un-perfect person in the entire world and of course i can be selfish at times, but i don't really know where this is going now...........

I think my point is to help others, treat others as you would like to be treated. If you want to be treated like a bitch, then well, be a bitch. I feel like this was completely pointless, but i just needed to get it out and i feel so much better for writing it. Even if it was a load of sh*t, its helped me. Anyway, if you enjoyed it then yaayy and if you didn't then well, nevermind.... Thnk you for reading!! xxx

Monday, 4 August 2014

MUA Undress Me 2

Hello everyone hope you are all well. I am tying this post from my home on my lunch break from my desk my new job. How exciting, not going to go into details but I'm so hap yo got a job and I really enjoy it! Today I wanted to talk about a new MUA product. First of, this is my first ever purchase from MUA so my hopes have been set high from all of the reviews I've read on their products. 

I was in SuperDrug a couple of weeks ago when I saw the stand and my arm just apparently reached out for this palette. Do I need another neautral palette? No, I have to many, so of course I didn't. For £4 I couldn't resist and going on reviews I had read, my arm picked it up and carried it to the till. It wasn't my fault. Blame the arm. 

This is my first MUA product and so far, I am seriously impressed with it. Although it's pretty much a cheaper version of the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette, I think it's more everyday appropriate as the shades aren't too shimmery. I like using this palette for everyday looks as it's so versatile, you really can so many different looks from it. There is a nice range of satins, shimmers and a couple of more glittery shades. I'm not really a fan of shimmers but these are super wearable and not to in your face. 

I hope you liked this post and i will certainly a couple of videos on this as i think its super versatile and you can get so many looks with it, both day and evening. I hope you had a lovely weekend and are enjoying this british sunshine!! Thank you for reading!! xxxx

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