Thursday, 3 July 2014

Polariod Picture

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. I am writing this little post from my new desk at my new job. Ohhh so exciting for me haha. Ive been trying to get a job ever since May and finally got offered this one on my best friends 21st birthday. It was a good day to celebrate thats for sure haha.

Today i really wanted to share an exciting website I've found online that print the most amazing Polaroid pictures ever. I really wanted some of my instagram pictures on a polariod so i can put them on my wall with my other polariods. I came across polar gram by just searching for instagram to polariods in google. I was amazed at how cheap it was compared to others i had looked at. Although it took around a week dead brain can't remember. I decided to go for 48 for 12 as this worked out the cheapest. 

I am so happy with everything about them even the free moaom. The size is perfect and although they are nearly doube the size of my actual Polaroids it will be nice to have a variation of shapes and sizes. I can't wait to hang this up and may do a little DIY post and video for my idea! It automatically links up with your instagram account and voila! Its as simply as selecting the ones you want to be a polaroid!

Short and snappy but I hope you enjoyed this post. I seriously would recommend this site if your looking for some decent and cheap polariods! I have left the link up in the name at the beginning of this post! Hope you are all having a lovely day and thank you for reading! Zoe xxx



  1. WOW. I did not know this even existed! I've debated buying a polariod camera for years but this is a great alternative! Definitely gonna try it out :0

    Also, congratulations on the job!

    Haaappy Summer!
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    1. haha i used to have one when i was younger, but they are so cool, definitely worth it!! agh thank you :) xxx


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