Friday, 25 July 2014


Hello lovelies, hope you are well. Its been a long time since I've sat down and written a post. I have been fairly busy with my new job, uni work and just enjoying life to be completely honest. After receiving the most exciting news ever today, i thought to celebrate bit of an odd way i would write a review of a new palette that i picked up in Paris. Ohhhhhh, that reminds me, i will a blogpost all about that very soon. 

First of, lets just look at the beautiful packaging. Im such a packaging snob guilty and quite frankly, i do get put of by bad packaging. Its not good, but I'm slowly working on it. I had seen so many reviews/tutorials of it on youtube and it just looked incredible. Im not one for colour and i never wear it at all. However, when in Sephora and when in Paris, you don't miss opportunities like this and you just buy it. I did it. I bought it. Even though the blue was smashed everywhere when i opened it so annoying it still is b.e.a.utiful. All the shadows are pressed pigments and i can honestly say, I've never tried a product so creamy and so pigmented in my life. This just wipes every other eyeshadow palette out of the water. I think this was around €45 which is around £40. I don't know how much it is here in the UK, but the exchange rate is pretty much that same.

I have also filmed 1 look with this, which i just need to edit. I will try and make it go up on Sunday evening. I have linked my youtube channel here if you want to check it out! I hope you enjoyed this post and will be back soon and more often to upload and write posts! Thank you for reading :) xxxx

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