Saturday, 14 June 2014

Fathers Day

Hello everyones, hope you lovely bunch are all well. It has certainly been a while since i last did a post on here. I have been terribly M.I.A and i don't even have an excuse. I just had a break and was enjoying spending time with my friends and family, celebrating my 21st and battling the tax of finding a job. 

Today, i wanted to do a last minute post before fathers day. I am the organised one when it comes to 'parents day' and my siblings on the other hand are not. This year,  i wanted to get my dad some poopouri - google it, but i had no money and i hadn't left enough time for shipping. I came up with the concept of the letters and i love how its turned out. Obviously, as there are 3 of us, it is easier, then 2 or 4+, but it can still be done. I thought i would show you some of the final outcomes. I had to include Ellie in this as she has been so darn cute today, she had to have so appreciation. It is also her birthday on Sunday, so I'm am just going to buy her a big toy, which no doubt Stanley will ruin in about 5 minutes. Anyway, me and my sister prefer the none posed ones. I think our final pick is where i am holding the A upside down. It is a typical thing for me to do and i know that Dad will find it funny. The only annoying thing is that it is not entirely in focus. If we don't go for that one, it will be the 2nd one.  Luckily, mum bought these for us and they were around £6 each from a garden centre called Squires. If you can't get anything similar then even just a cut out bit of card or even cardboard would work exactly the same and just as well

Anyway, i hope you enjoyed it. There should be a video on Sunday (tomorrow) and a corresponding blog post too which i am super excited about. I hope you enjoyed and gave someone a last minute idea! Thanks for reading! Zoe xxx
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