Friday, 6 June 2014

End of Year Show

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. There is a slightly different post from me today. I thought I would show you a few snaps of my end of year show at uni, if you weren't aware already, I studied Fashion and Textiles at Portsmouth University. 

Last night (30th May) was our end of year show. Where we had a catwalk to showcase our final collection and a static show to show our textiles and garments on hangers. I am aware the pictures aren't brilliant as they are from my ipad. It was such a surreal/exciting yet weird experience to see your clothes in someone. Also hoping they would come down the runway, properly dressed, luckily they did. I am relieved it is all over, yet a little scared as know I have officially entered the real world and am no longer a student goodbye student discount. I have taken a few snaps of the static show (my iPad deleted them all so its just my work), but I will link you to the catwalk show, when the uni have uploaded it. 

I hope you like the pictures, apologies that they are  bit shoddy, but they are from my iPad. I hope you all have a lovely day. Im drowning my sorrows today as its my birthday and I've turned 21. not happy. Anyway i hope you enjoy and thank you for reading! Love Zoe xxxx

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