Sunday, 4 May 2014

Tanya Burr Lipgloss

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. I am super excited to write this post today as I've tried to film a video about it 3 times now and its just not worked, sooooo a blog post is being written instead. Lets hope this one works better instead. 

I am sure you all know who Tanya is and have heard of her recently new makeup collection. I don't know what came over me or what mood i was in, but i somehow managed to order all of her lip glosses. Now, i don't really like lip glosses, but holy macaroons, i am now a lip gloss convert. I would love to try the nail-polishes, but i don't have any nails to do so. need to start growing them and not biting them....

Lets start with the colour range. I am seriously impressed that there is something for everyone in this collection. You have a good shade of nudes, pinks and brights which i believe caters for anyone and everyone. I also love how some of them are most sheer then others, so you can choose between a more opaque or sheer look on the lips. The best bit is that they smell like strawberry chewits. Who doesn't want a product that smells like strawberry chewits. it did take me a good hour to figure this smell out. The texture of the glosses is something i was a bit worried about because most of the ones I've tried have been like glue on your lips. not ideal. These, however are not like glue, but are like butter. Extremely soft and smooth, not lumpy in the slightest and incredibly moisturising. When i first applied these, my lips where sooooo dry, but now they aren't and I've not touched any vaseline or lip moisturising product apart from these.

The nudes contain most of my favourite colours. I am not normally a big fan of nudes, but i absolutely love these. They are super natural and are perfect for both daytime and night time. Just peachy is a gorgeous light peachy nude with a hint of pink. I think this would look amazing in the evening with a smokey eye. Next is Chic, which i believe is the perfect nude for me. Its got more of a yellow undertone which suits my skin tone better and is the perfect 'my lips but better' shade for me. Afternoon tea is also a lovely 'my lips but better' colour for people. I do use this also as a 'my lips but better' colour as it works so well and contains more pink. Finally Champagne toast is almost clear with hints of glitter within in it. Its a great day time gloss if you don't want anything too dramatic.

The pinks within the collection are most probably the ones which will get the least wear. I tend to stay clear from pink as to be honest, it scares me. However, these pinks are super wearable as you can see. Aurora is such a natural pink which i think would be a great everyday pink colour, if you want to do a subtle wash of colour. Smile, dream, sparkle is almost similar to Champagne Toast, but its got a pink undertone with pink and blue glitter reflexes in it. First date is a colour that i wouldn't wear that often as its so pale which i think doesn't suit me. However, a light wash which is blended out is actually really nice and super wearable and i think this would look so nice in the evening with a dark eye. Picnic in the Park is my favourite out of the pink bunch. A nice wash of colour, but i think its a more corally pink which is my favourite colour. Super nice and the perfect spring/summer colour.

Finally we have the brights in the collection. Again these are also some of my favourites as i love colour and bright lips. First of Lets Travel The World is possibly my favourite throughout the entire collection. Its the most perfect sheer coral red and i love it so much. I can already tell this is going to be my summer lip product already. Heart Skipped A Beat is a lovely sheer cherry red with glitter in. Perfect for a wash on the lips if you don't want a full on red lip, or would look really good over a red lip. Exotic Island is a bright blue toned fuchsia pink, but comes out as a more sheer finish. I love this shade and really reminds me of MAC rebel which i love. Finally Vampire Kiss is the most amazing deep red ever. I have nothing like this in the whole of my lip collection. hard to believe as i own a stupid amount of lip products. Its a beautiful deep red with blue undertones and it is super opaque.

In terms of how long they last, i find them to last about 4 to 5 hours with out touching up, but if you wanted to colour to stay longer then it would be around 2/3 hours, which i believe is a good lasting time. The moisture i find lasts longer and i love this as your lips are super moisturised all the time. When they wear off, they go slowly and evenly, so they don't separate and seep into all the cracks and crevasses of your lips, which no one likes. aint nobody got time for dat. I also find that they also help to make my lips look a bit bigger. Nothing too dramatic to look like you've had botox gone wrong, but just a little to make them look more plump and juicy, which is perfect for me, as my top lip is pretty much non existent. 

Overall, for £6.99, i can't write down in words how impressed i am, from the smell to the texture to the pigments, they are incredible and i have worn them everyday since. My favourite shades are Lets Travel The World, Chic and Just Peachy. I love them all and can tell they are going to be used and loved very well. You can order these from Superdrug, Feel Unique and also buy them in selected superdrug stores i believe. I hope you have enjoyed this post. I have also decided to enter the Cosmo Blog Awards this  year. I doubt i will win, but if you could spare a minute to vote for my blog as the Best Newcomer Blog i would be so grateful and it would mean the absolute world to me. The link is here Please let me know if you do vote for me :) Thank you so much for reading and apologies that there is no video today, my microphone wasn't working in all of the 3 videos i recorded, so will be up hopefully on wednesday. Have a lovely day :) Zoe xxx
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