Friday, 9 May 2014

Home Decor Wish List

Hello everyone, i hope you are all well. Ive just filmed Sundays video and i thought i would finish of this post. I am so excited about this one, as I've become a bit of a Home Decor freak at the moment and can't wait to re-decorate my room!

First of is the cracked effect glass jar. I love this and think this would be amazing for makeup brushes. I currently put mine in a rustic tin, but its a really big tin, so they look a bit funny just sitting in there with loads of room left. I think this would be perfect and its only £6 from Sainsburies. Who would have thought Sainburys would do the nicest homeware!

Next up is the cute little Daisy Jar. This is adorable. I have no idea what i would put in it. Maybe hairbands or cotton wool, which i think its meant to be used for. This is from a cute little online shop called Gift and Pieces and is only £6.95. That is an absolute bargain. Am certainly going to be picking this up when its back in stock.

Next up is the infamous Malm Dressing table from Ikea. I have a pretty small room, but i think this would be the perfect desk to complete it. I have wanted a desk for ages and this is the perfect one. So simple, sleek and modern and i can store my copious amounts of makeup in it and on top of it. What more could you want?!?

These 3 wire heart baskets are super cute for storing little bits and bobs in and could look amazing on my window sill. You get 3 within the set and they look amazing. I am going for a shabby chic, yet modern look and these are/ would be a perfect addition. Its £15 for 3, which i think is incredibly good!

I am sure every blogger and their pet goldfish has either got one of these or heard or seen them. The Skurar plant pots are the perfect brush holders. I love these soooo much and won't one of every different style. They are super cute and also incredibly cheap at £2 a pot or more depending on the size, but still ah-mazing!

Next up is this cute little glass heart bowl. I am pretty sure this is meant for food purposes, but i think it could be used for absolutely anything. I think it would be perfect for putting my watch and jewellery in as I'm always losing them and this would be the perfect way to keep them safe and not on my bedroom floor......

I definitely saved my favourite till last. I literally can not contain myself when i look at this White Tin Heart Jug. Oh my goodness, its literally adorable. I want it so badly, its a joke. Its the most perfect flower holding jug ever and will make my room complete. My sister thinks I'm an absolute weirdo, but i don't care. Its only £10 from Sainsburys and my local Sainsburys stock it, so I'm definitely going to have to buy it very soon!

There you have my current home decor wish list. I absolutely loved writing this and will certainly be doing lots more of these. I can't believe how nice Sainsburys homeware is, i will certainly be picking some of it up and its amazing at some amazing prices! Also i have decided to enter the Cosmo Blog Awards this year as 'Best Newcomer Blog' and it would mean the absolute world to me if you could vote for my blog. The link is here, if you want to vote for me. Also my bloglovin, is now working hallelujah. So you can follow me blog via here if you would like too! I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading and have a good weekend!

Zoe xx


  1. I love all those items, especially the items from Sainsburies - who'd have thought? I'm going to go check out their homeware section now!
    Sarah -

    1. i know, who would have thought that Sainburys did cute homeware haaha xx


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