Monday, 12 May 2014

Beauty Wishlist #2

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. Today i thought i would write a blogpost all about my current lusts. I have done another one of these before and it went down pretty well, so i thought i would do one again. I always tend to do these when i have no money, so maybe thats a good thing, then i can't buy any of it. can't wait till my first pay check booyah....

1. Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer. I have heard so much about this and it has made me very intrigued as to what its like. Ive heard its gone an unusual texture and this makes me even more intrigued to try it. However this may sound amazing and even look amazing, the price however is not that amazing. At £52 let me just cry this doesn't come cheap at all and I'm not prepared to spend that much money on something, i may not even like. I know they do a smaller version, but i think its still £30 which is cray cray for a min version.

2. Maybelline Colour Tattoo Pigments. I absolutely love the cream eyeshadows from Maybelline and have recently been loving pigments. I reallllllyyyyyy want to try these but you can't get them in the UK which is sooo frustrating and annoying really annoys how USA get stuff before the UK WHYY?!?!?! I think these are around $7, so if they came to the UK i bloody hope they do, i reckon they would be around £6-8, which is fairly good in price.

3. NYX Butter Gloss. Ive never tried anything from NYX and have heard so much about them. All of the american you tubers who i watch constantly rave about there products and in particular Sarahbellex. I have been watching her videos for years and she's always loved them. I can't remember what video it was but she raved about these which has made me want to try them ever since. Again, I'm not sure the UK sell NYX, but fingers crossed if i go to NYC later int the year, i can pick some up along with everything else and the whole of sephora....

4. NYC Soft Matte Cream Again, heard about these from Sarahbellex and they sound fairly similar to the Sleek Matte Me, which i loved, but made my lips look like i had botox. Not ideal. I have been loving liquid lipsticks recently and am certainly wanting to pick up some more. 

5. Benefit Cream Eyeshadow. Been loving cream eyeshadows recently and have never tried them. Ive swatched them and they seem very creamy and very pigmented. Of course, i want all the neutral shades, but in particular the shade 'bronze have more fun'. I think the name says it all really, its a bronze shade surprised are we.. I think i may put this on my 21st birthday list. its the only thing on my birthday list too...
*After swatching these the other day in store, i decided they are a definite no, they are so un creamy and stupidly hard to blend. not ideal..*

6. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. I think every blogger and their pet snail has heard of these blushers. i used to have 3 pet giant african snails. i was young. If you know me, orange and coral are my favourite colours, so when it comes to lip products and blushers, these are the colours i tend to go for. This is only because i like them and also they suit my skin tone better then pinks. These don't come cheap, but the packaging is oh-so-beautiful as is the product inside. Im not a blusher fan, but this is on another level, so i maybe able to let it pass.

7. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush. Again, another product everyone has heard of. I very nearly picked one of these up in my recent sephora order video coming soon i promise. I don't know why i didnt, possibly because the shade i wanted was out of stock, but I've heard lots of good things about this, so i just have to try it. 

8. Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Powder Foundation. Ive really only heard Estee and Amelia talk about this product. I most probably shouldn't try it as i have dry skin, but i was thinking more like a powder rather then a foundation. Just to add a bit more coverage, when needed. I know Tarte has released a few products into the UK, but i am unsure as to where and what as i know its a deleted range. it could possibly be QVC, that rings a bell.

9. Naked 3 Palette. When this came out, i said to myself 'Zoe, you don't need this. You don't use the other Naked palettes, so you certainly don't need this one. Plus you would never wear it as its pink based'. All of that being said. Ive decided i do actually need it. Only because, i have brown eyes and this would make them pop more. thats a valid excuse right???

10. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeliner Trio. Again another USA based brand that doesn't sell in the UK. so annoooyyyiiinnnggggggg. I have heard a lot about these and I'm in need of some more eyeliners and i believe are fairly cheap and good quality, so they seem like they fit the bill!

11. MAC Morange Lipstick. I honestly do not know why i haven't bought this yet, but its seems i haven't. I am loving orange lipsticks at the moment and this is the most well known one which i need to buy. I most probably don't need, but i want it so that counts right?

12. Hourglass Opaque Rough Liquid Lipstick. Oh look another Orange based lip product. there seems to be a running theme here...... These are pretty expensive, but along with everything else on this post, I've heard many good things and its just a product that i need/want to try. don't need to but i shall. I definitely do not need another orange/red lip product as i think i have a enough to supply me for a good 3 years, but this could be the best one ever. 

So here you go, my current beauty wish list, of course there is still more that i could add to this, but at this moment in time i can't think of anything else that I'm after. can not believe I've just said that. I am certainly going to be buying some of these and some from my other beauty wish list when i get my first pay check, so expect an update on that situation soon. I hope you enjoyed and i can't believe how painfully close i am too 500 followers. THIS IS MADNESS!! Its crazy, but i love you all and want to give you all a massive hug and lots of presents. money is an object in this equation though.
Also i would love if you could vote for my blog as 'Best Newcomber Blog' in the Cosmo Blog Awards. You can vote for my blog here and i will love you forever if you do! Thank you for reading and do let me know whats on your current beauty wish list!

Zoe xxx



  1. Most of these products are on my wishlist too, especially the Naked 3 palette and the NYX butter glosses x


  2. i love this post i do this a lot as i do a lot of online browsing when i cant sleep x

    1. awww thats such a good idea but also dangerous for me haahaha x

  3. The NYX Butter Glosses are perfection. I use Tiramisu (a nude peachy color) over almost every pink/peach/nude lip color I wear. And Morange is on my wish list too- I wore it in store once and it's everything and more. Thanks for sending me your link.
    Xo, Dani.

    1. oh my god, that sounds beautiful. Ive never even swatched morange :( haha xx


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