Saturday, 24 May 2014

21st Birthday Wishlist

Hello everyone, i hope you are all well. I thought i would do a 21st birthday wish list post today. I turn 21 exactly 2 weeks from today and i am so scared. I am terrified about getting older, i know 21 isn't even old, but it just makes me realise how quickly life is going. I still act like I'm 5 let alone 21. Anyway, I feel a bit weird writing this, because i actually do not want anything nor am i expecting anything from anyone, as I've told my family and friends not to bother. There is nothing i desperately want nor do i need. I am one of those people that if i see it, i will buy it there and then, so thats why i don't need anything. I have enough stuff already, so i don't feel like i need to add more to it, i would rather my parents and friends save their money and not waste it on me. With all of this being said, these items are products that i will most probably end up buying regardless of it being my birthday or not.

1. The Mulberry Willow Bag. Holy smoke balls, i would cry if i received this and i know that 1000000% i won't be getting this bag, but it is absolutely beautiful. I choose the grey colour, because Grey does go with everything and i feel its not the obvious choice, where as black and tan are. I would have perhaps gone for a colour one, but i decided not to as i think your very restricted in what you wear then. I am stupidly fussy when it comes to bags, so i tend to stick to buying them myself as opposed to asking as them for a gift, but seeing as I've put a picture here, if my mum and dad do decide to buy this for me  i already know its a no, at least they know which one.

2. Audi A1. Another present which i will not be getting but i think these cars are so cute and just look amazing. I wold have to sell both my kidneys to be able to even pay for the insurance let alone the actual car, but i can just stare at others people and be stupidly jealous. 

3. Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow. I have featured these in a couple of posts before and they intrigue me so much. I have no idea how they work, but they look amazing. Of course, this one is in comex gold and is beautiful. The only problem with Stila is it is pretty hard to get hold of in the UK, but I've seen in on the Boots website a couple of times, so perhaps boots now stock it. there goes all the money i don't have if  they do..... I personally feel these are overpriced for what they are at £33.50 for a pot, but its still beautiful and i still want it. 

4. Tom Ford Sculpt & Illuminate. I love contouring and who wouldn't love contouring and highlighting with Tom Ford. not me. This is crazy expensive £55 ouch, but its a cream and i really want to try cream contouring as it looks amazing on peoples videos I've seen. 

5. By Terry Ombre Blackstar. If you haven't heard of these recently, you must of been living under a rock. I am desperate for one of these it is slightly ridiculous. They come in beautiful range of colours and are pretty much cream eyeshadows in a stick form. what more do you need in life. At £28 per stick, overpriced - yes, do i still want one? of course i do. Typically the shade i want brown perfection is out of stick on Space NK online.

6. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. I have wanted a pot of this even before she bought out her makeup range and now its out, i kinda want it that little bit more. I have heard amazing things and i am intrigued to see whether it will improve my crappy skin at the moment. At £70 yes you heard me right, I'm 100% i won't be receiving this. From anyone. 

7. Charlotte Filmstar Bronze & Glow. I have seen Charlotte use this in her videos and it looks incredible. I am loving bronzers and bronzing at the moment and believe or not, i only have 1 bronzer and thats in my Nars palette. I am pretty certain its a matte bronzer, but i could be wrong. Again at a pain steakingly £49, i know i won't be getting this either. 

8. Zoeva Rose Gold Luxery Brush Set. I am not sure i even need to tell you why i need this. I mean, lets just look and them. Now you see why i want them. They are £53.50 for 8 brushes, which is bloody amazing.  i would do the maths and work out the price per brush, but I'm not that sad..... its £6.70. I have heard great things once again and my brushes are looking a bit scatty, so am in need of some new ones. 

9. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. Just look at it. Why wouldn't you want that on your face. Thats enough for me. Again, these are £28 and i would go for the coral shade obviously and they are so beautiful that i don't care if they are bad, it looks nice. 

10. Rayban Wayfarer. I actually have already got these as my sister bought me them the other day. i can't have them until my birthday though.... not fair. I never thought wayfarers would suit me, but these look nice. I think black ones look to harsh, so i opted for the Turtle shell ones and i think they suit my skin colour alot more. These were £125 and i can't wait to get them!!

All in all, i think i will end with 1 of this post and that is the sunglasses which i already have. Like i said, i not bothered about presents, but these are just a few items i would like and will most probably buy regardless. maybe not the car or bag though. need to start saving. oh and get a job. I hope you liked this post and thank you for reading! 

Zoe xx

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  1. Oooooh, the Willow bag. *drools* Love it! *_*

  2. I love the look of that bag, shame about the price tag haha.

    1. yeahhh, bit of a bummer being that expensive hahahaaha

  3. Love the Mulberry bag and I'd also love some Raybans :) In terms of age, I was so scared about turning 20. It felt like a massive step but then I realised it really didn't mean much. I turned 21 two months ago and it feels the same as 20. Don't stress about it! :)

    Haaappy Spring!
    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

    1. yeahh i felt the exact same when i turned 20, I've kinda got over it now and just face the fact its gonna happen hahahaha xxx

  4. Hahahaha this post made me laugh because i can totally relate! It's my 21st in a couple of months and i still act like i'm 5 aswell! Love the audi though ;) a girl can dream right?

    1. hahaahah a girl can dream forevvverrrrrr hahaah xx


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