Friday, 11 April 2014

Kiko Pigment Loose Eyeshadow

Hello, you lovely bunch of people reading this. I hope you are all well and have had a more productive day then myself. Today I've spent around 3 hours trying to turn fabric inside out. It sounds more complicated then it is. darn dress straps. Today is day 4 of review week and we have some eyeshadow to dicuss today.

Kiko is a brand that i had never bought anything from, but heard a lot about from various youtubers. The other week i was in London and i had to walk past Kiko. not accidentally. I didnt have time to go in the store the first time, but the second time i made a thorough visit and boy was i excited. I picked up a fair amount and was in and out of the store with 10 minutes. 

I picked up a pigment as i had never tried one before and had always been amazed by them. I got a bronze shade typical and am seriously impressed so far. I have been wearing it everyday the exception of yesterday and today as I'm not leaving the house and its amazing. It lasts for a really long time and doesn't crease in the slightest. Ive been going for a more messy worn in brown smokey eye and this makes it so much more easier to make it look worn in. I apply this to a tacky base on my eye, whether thats foundation or a primer, that way you get less fallout on to the face. It was around £5.90 i believe, and its amazing. You can tell its going to last you a very long time as any pigment would do, but the quality of this for the price is just insane. If your ever in a Kiko store or going past, you really need to check these out!

So there is todays review, i hope you enjoyed reading it. I also uploaded a Get Ready With Me today, so i shall leave it below and i used the pigment in the video so you can see how it apples and blends etc like a dream. Also my give-away closes soon, so if you haven't entered make sure you do and get your friends to enter too! Thanks for reading! Zoe xxx

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