Sunday, 6 April 2014

Home Decor & Beauty Haul

Well hello there people. Its certainly been a long time since this happened. I hope you lovely bunch are all well! Today i am going to do a short and snappy haul post. I won't go into to much detail and bore you all, but i will just go through what i bought and first impressions. As you can see there is a fair amount!

I have the cutest homeware antique store about 5 miles from where i live and recently, its been a bit dangerous for me to enter it! First time i went there, i was amazed and instantly fell in love. I went a couple weekends ago with my sister and cousin on a spontaneous drive and fell in love with a giant marmite jar. i fricking love marmite. It was love at first sight, so i went back during the week and bought it. At lot of their stuff is one of, so its a case of if you see it and like it, buy it then because no doubt it will be gone if you go back for it. I also picked up the cutest little heart jar and 3 flower vases. I am going to be doing up my room in the summer, so am buying little bits here and there. 

Sneaky mum purchase of the Cetaphil, but boy I'm glad she picked it up. mumma did good here. If you have watched my haul video which is up now, you will know my mum actually bought this then gave it to me as she decided she didnt want it. Intially she got it for her rosacia  deffs spelt that wrong, but she got a prescribed cream for the doctors, so she gave it to me. IM IN LOVE! This is absolutely amazing and has changed my skin dramatically, good of course. Again full review will be up very soon!

After we visited the packhouse, we went into a town called Farnham. I used to have to come here nearly everyday 2 years ago in the summer for work. It certainly felt odd re-visiting as i rarely go. I was a bit naughty and bought the entire contents of boots it seems. I first stopped at the Soap & Glory counter and picked up a concealer, brow pen and powder. I shan't go into to much detail now, but i will do a full review of them all very soon! first impression though - mind blowingly amazing.

Next up i went a little crazy on Orange lipsticks. I have actually got an actual Orange one, but i went for the closest shades i could find, so red-oranges basically. I am in love with them all so much its ridiculous. I really want to try Morange from MAC, so that is certainly on my list soon or i may buy it when I'm in NYC later this year. so excited. Again, i won't bore you, but full reviews and a video will be coming soon!

Finally, i was in London for about 3 hours the other day and i popped in the Kiko store in Regent Street. i live 30 -40 minutes from london, so i can visit often and don't stay there for long! I had watched Amelias, Barbaras and Lilys videos which all featured Kiko products, so of course it just seemed natural to go a bit cray and buy far to many bronze/brown eyeshadows. i really need to stop with this. Full reviews of them all will be up soon, but I'm very impressed with most of them so far. 

So yes, thats my haul, hope it wasn't too boring for you. I am going have a review week on my blog this week, so everyday there will be a review of these products here for you. I will do them in groups, so its not too boring, but be excited if you want to be that is... I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and don't forget a new post everyday this week! Zoe xxx

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