Monday, 7 April 2014


Hello there people i do hope you are all well. Welcome to review week on my blog. I have decided to do this as i have so many products i want to show you that i have bought recently, so thought this would be the best way. 

This post deserves just a title and nothing else. This week is review week over on zoebowx and boy is it gonna be hard to juggle this and uni work. Also got 2 videos going up this week which is gonna be hardwork. Tomorrow and Thursday FYI. Today's post is dedicated to skincare. 

Ever since Christmas I have been loving skincare and taking care in my skin who doesn't want baby bum soft skin?! I recently got given Cetaphil by my mum and I'm so glad I have found this. I don't think I will ever change as it's just bloody amazing! I had only vaguely heard of this through the world of blogging and had heard good things about it, but never picked it up as I always forgot about it. It's around £8 I believe. It's fairly reasonable but I guess this depends on your budget. Compared to my La Roche Posay cleaner it's a lot cheaper as I think that around £11, so only a £3 difference. that could buy some millions, I'm obsessed.  The texture is very creamy and almost like a serum. Up the one thing which I really like about this is you don't to rinse it of if you don't want too. I like to let mine sink into my skin as I think it's most intense, whereas if you washed it of you would be washing it all away. When I first used this, it almost felt like it deprecated another layer to my skin, almost like a film. It completely cleared up my little under the skin pimples and any little spots I had. Overall this product is little a dream for my skin and has massively cleared up my skin and any dry patches I had, well it's safe to say they've been cleared out. I can't stop touching my forehead. I know weird. But seriously, if your looking for a new cleanser you really need to try this! 

I hope you enjoyed this first post of review week, tomorrow is all about Soap & Glory products, so make sure your following to be notified. Also my giveaway to win a Narsissist palette is still going, so be sure to enter if you wish. Also a new video is going up tomorrow too, so make sure your subscribed to be notified when that goes live (you can subscribe from the sidebar). Thank you for reason and I shall see you tomorrow! Zoe xxx
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