Sunday, 27 April 2014

Muji Storage

Hello, hope your are all well. Its been a long time i feel, since I've sat down and written a proper post. I am currently meant to be helping my dad paint our kitchen, but I've taken some time out whilst he is painting the ceiling so i can have a lovely chat with you all!

I believe that everyone and their mums goldfish's uncle has heard of the genius of Muji storage. It is something I've had my eye on for a while now, so of course i just had to go and pick some up and i actually got round to doing so. I wasn't in the right frame of mind when buying it, but luckily i bought the right amount. leaving half of your makeup at uni then having bought a load online the other day, i think i may need some more.. Some people aka my sister think its pretty expensive, but i believe that whilst it may be reasonable in my eyes, its going to last me a bloody long time. The top 2 boxes are bigger and they were £11.50 i blelieve, i keep my skincare in the top draw then foundation, concealer and powder in the 2 draw. The first one also has a flappy lip, but as i have my brushes on top, i don't use that. The bottom set of 5 draws were £24.95 and i keep, everything else, so lipsticks, eyeshadows, palettes and my MAC palette in there. 

I keep staring at it in ore, so i think I've already got my moneys worth. its even next to my bed so i can look at it when i wake up...... too far?!?! Anywaayyyy, for someone who isn't organised, i feel like part of my life is complete now that my makeup is. I love the storage system, it makes everyday a little bit easier and you can see where everything is that way its not all over your carpet or bedroom floor....... 

Short and snappy, but long story short you need these in your life. end of. I am certainly going to be buying more and i can't wait to organise my life and bedroom now. Maybe this is just the first step! I hope you enjoyed reading and don't forget to enter my giveaway which ends on Tuesday!!!! Thank you for reading! Zoe xxx
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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Final Collection

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Well hello there everyone, hope your all well and splendid. I feel very relived happy and all kind of emotions writing this blog post. About 2 hours ago, i handed in my final collection for uni. MEFLGERLKDSLJWLFWRLT. apologies. That is how i feel. It almost doesn't feel real and I'm just very overwhelmed right now. I am not going to write a super long detailed post because my hands and arms hurts and I'm so tired. I also have to tidy up my bedroom, living room, dining room and go on a pin hunt. thrilling. I thought i would show you my final collection for your little eyes to see what I've been up to and also why I've been so quiet lately. I hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts! Zoe xxx 

p.s. only 1 week until my giveaway ends!!!!

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Friday, 18 April 2014


Hola amigos, hope you lovely lot are all well. I wanted to do a little update post today just because I've been very quiet on all my channels. If you are new to my blog or just have no idea, then I'm in my fins year of uni and its my final hand in on tuesday. scared yet super excited. I study fashion so i have a lot of work to do and am so close to finishing my final collection. I have a lot of work to do before tuesday and i really shouldn't have left it last minute.  i will never ever learn this lesson.

Short and snappy, but i hope to be back blogging, making videos and all that jazz around mid may, when i actually won't really have any work to do. I have left some pictures of my final collection in the stages. I will do a post afterwards when its finished! Also my giveaway ends very soon so don't forget to enter that aswell! Love you all xxxxx a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 11 April 2014

Kiko Pigment Loose Eyeshadow

Hello, you lovely bunch of people reading this. I hope you are all well and have had a more productive day then myself. Today I've spent around 3 hours trying to turn fabric inside out. It sounds more complicated then it is. darn dress straps. Today is day 4 of review week and we have some eyeshadow to dicuss today.

Kiko is a brand that i had never bought anything from, but heard a lot about from various youtubers. The other week i was in London and i had to walk past Kiko. not accidentally. I didnt have time to go in the store the first time, but the second time i made a thorough visit and boy was i excited. I picked up a fair amount and was in and out of the store with 10 minutes. 

I picked up a pigment as i had never tried one before and had always been amazed by them. I got a bronze shade typical and am seriously impressed so far. I have been wearing it everyday the exception of yesterday and today as I'm not leaving the house and its amazing. It lasts for a really long time and doesn't crease in the slightest. Ive been going for a more messy worn in brown smokey eye and this makes it so much more easier to make it look worn in. I apply this to a tacky base on my eye, whether thats foundation or a primer, that way you get less fallout on to the face. It was around £5.90 i believe, and its amazing. You can tell its going to last you a very long time as any pigment would do, but the quality of this for the price is just insane. If your ever in a Kiko store or going past, you really need to check these out!

So there is todays review, i hope you enjoyed reading it. I also uploaded a Get Ready With Me today, so i shall leave it below and i used the pigment in the video so you can see how it apples and blends etc like a dream. Also my give-away closes soon, so if you haven't entered make sure you do and get your friends to enter too! Thanks for reading! Zoe xxx

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Home Decor

Hello there, hope you are all well. I am so tired, been making my final collection today and am absolutely knackered. If you want to be nosey and see what i made then i will link my personal instagram and twitter so you can see! Day 3 of review week and today is not really going to be a long one, just a quick one i think. don't hate, trying not to go to sleep as i type.....

If you have watched my recent haul video, then you will know that i went to a place called the Packhouse near me. I absolutely love it there. Its like a cave of amazing goodies and i want everything! except the creepy dolls. I am re-decorating my room in the summer and giving it a big makeover. No more ugly blue walls or dark wooden furniture. I want it to be very light and minimalisitic, but with a vintage/shabby chic feel. I am heading on the idea of white walls, but I'm not so sure thats going to be a good idea.

Anyway, i have bought a lot of stuff from their before, so i had to go back and get some more stuff. I first saw these jars and fell in love. I mean, aren't they just the cutest things you've ever seen in your entire life. I absolutely adore them and think they would be perfect on my windowsill and for taking blog pictures as a background piece. They were £19.95 so an average price, personally. The jars are removable and the flowers are stuck in, which is a bit annoying, but at least that way i can't kill them quicker. i killed a cactus. don't ask how. 

Finally, i picked up a really pretty silver/mirrored heard jar. This is adorable and is the perfect size for lipsticks. I am not to sure what i want to put in it at the moment, but maybe just hairbands or hair grips as i am always losing them or my sister takes them -.-. This was £4.95 which is super cheap and such a good price for this jar of cuteness!

So that is todays post, i hope you enjoyed. Need to edit tomorrows video and think of what to review for tomorrows blog post! I hope you have a lovely day and aren't as tired as i am! Thank you for reading! Zoe xxx
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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Soap & Glory

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. I am annoyed at myself, as i did pre write this post and schedule it on Sunday, but the idiot inside of me deleted it, so I'm having to write it again. massive blogger problems. On a lighter note, i did upload another video today. Yes, you read that write 3 extra videos this week. I know trooper. If you do have any video requests or ideas then do let me know via the comments or you can tweet me!

Its day 2 of review week here on my blog and today we are discussing Soap and Glory makeup. Lets start with this. WOWZA. I think that says it all really. Ive never tried Soap and Glory makeup, only bath and shower products, but one is seriously amazed and I've been blown out of the water by this stuff!

Lets start with the Kick Ass Concealer. Ive heard a lot of people talk about this and have always wanted to try it, so it was the first thing i picked up. I got the shade medium, which is a tad too dark for me. don't let your sister who knows nothing about makeup colour match you. lesson learnt. Anyway, the concealer is so creamy, which honestly, i wasn't expecting but i love them both. I think I'm going to have to buy it in the Light shade, but i can see it being my new favourite concealer very quickly. This was £10, but head to boots quickly because i know a lot of the brands have offers on and Soap and Glory has 3 for 2. 

Next up is the Archery Brow pen and pencil. Oh my god. Im in love. I love my brows and they are my new favourite thing to do. I could spend 30 minutes of them easily. normally spend around 10 on them. they are worth it though. I have always wanted to try the Suqqu brow pen as I've heard so many you tubers rave about it, but I think its a bit out of my budget at the moment, so this is certainly the next best thing. I LOVE the pen, its a tad time consuming, but it gives the most natural results and with the pencil as well, gurllll your brows are going to be looking fine. I got the shade brownie points and it is the perfect match! This was also £10 and god dammit its worth it.

Finally i got the One Heck Of a Blot Powder. I hadn't heard much about this, then i came home to watch one of the best videos ever with 2 of my favourites you tubers ever, Arden and Estee. you will die from laughter at these girls and the videos. I am partial to getting a SULA any wild child fans should know what this is. If you aren't familiar with SULA, basically its Sweaty Upper Lip Alert. Cringe, but yes, i believe it happens to us all. I have dry skin, but i prefer a matte finish, so this powder is the best thing and I'm in love! Oh my goodness, this powder is perfection. If you've got oily skin, you need this in your life asap! Its £12 which is fairly expensive for a powder, but boy its bloody worth it.

So there we go, all in all, i think its safe to say that i love Soap and Glory makeup products and I'm certainly going to be trying a lot more of them. If you aren't aware then today i uploaded my March Favourites video which is below for you to watch. If you like it then please subscribe as it really does mean the absolute world to me and I'm so close to 150 subscribers! Ive also left the links to my giveaway below so you can also check that out. I hope you have a lovely day and thank you so much for reading! Zoe xxx

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Monday, 7 April 2014


Hello there people i do hope you are all well. Welcome to review week on my blog. I have decided to do this as i have so many products i want to show you that i have bought recently, so thought this would be the best way. 

This post deserves just a title and nothing else. This week is review week over on zoebowx and boy is it gonna be hard to juggle this and uni work. Also got 2 videos going up this week which is gonna be hardwork. Tomorrow and Thursday FYI. Today's post is dedicated to skincare. 

Ever since Christmas I have been loving skincare and taking care in my skin who doesn't want baby bum soft skin?! I recently got given Cetaphil by my mum and I'm so glad I have found this. I don't think I will ever change as it's just bloody amazing! I had only vaguely heard of this through the world of blogging and had heard good things about it, but never picked it up as I always forgot about it. It's around £8 I believe. It's fairly reasonable but I guess this depends on your budget. Compared to my La Roche Posay cleaner it's a lot cheaper as I think that around £11, so only a £3 difference. that could buy some millions, I'm obsessed.  The texture is very creamy and almost like a serum. Up the one thing which I really like about this is you don't to rinse it of if you don't want too. I like to let mine sink into my skin as I think it's most intense, whereas if you washed it of you would be washing it all away. When I first used this, it almost felt like it deprecated another layer to my skin, almost like a film. It completely cleared up my little under the skin pimples and any little spots I had. Overall this product is little a dream for my skin and has massively cleared up my skin and any dry patches I had, well it's safe to say they've been cleared out. I can't stop touching my forehead. I know weird. But seriously, if your looking for a new cleanser you really need to try this! 

I hope you enjoyed this first post of review week, tomorrow is all about Soap & Glory products, so make sure your following to be notified. Also my giveaway to win a Narsissist palette is still going, so be sure to enter if you wish. Also a new video is going up tomorrow too, so make sure your subscribed to be notified when that goes live (you can subscribe from the sidebar). Thank you for reason and I shall see you tomorrow! Zoe xxx
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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Home Decor & Beauty Haul

Well hello there people. Its certainly been a long time since this happened. I hope you lovely bunch are all well! Today i am going to do a short and snappy haul post. I won't go into to much detail and bore you all, but i will just go through what i bought and first impressions. As you can see there is a fair amount!

I have the cutest homeware antique store about 5 miles from where i live and recently, its been a bit dangerous for me to enter it! First time i went there, i was amazed and instantly fell in love. I went a couple weekends ago with my sister and cousin on a spontaneous drive and fell in love with a giant marmite jar. i fricking love marmite. It was love at first sight, so i went back during the week and bought it. At lot of their stuff is one of, so its a case of if you see it and like it, buy it then because no doubt it will be gone if you go back for it. I also picked up the cutest little heart jar and 3 flower vases. I am going to be doing up my room in the summer, so am buying little bits here and there. 

Sneaky mum purchase of the Cetaphil, but boy I'm glad she picked it up. mumma did good here. If you have watched my haul video which is up now, you will know my mum actually bought this then gave it to me as she decided she didnt want it. Intially she got it for her rosacia  deffs spelt that wrong, but she got a prescribed cream for the doctors, so she gave it to me. IM IN LOVE! This is absolutely amazing and has changed my skin dramatically, good of course. Again full review will be up very soon!

After we visited the packhouse, we went into a town called Farnham. I used to have to come here nearly everyday 2 years ago in the summer for work. It certainly felt odd re-visiting as i rarely go. I was a bit naughty and bought the entire contents of boots it seems. I first stopped at the Soap & Glory counter and picked up a concealer, brow pen and powder. I shan't go into to much detail now, but i will do a full review of them all very soon! first impression though - mind blowingly amazing.

Next up i went a little crazy on Orange lipsticks. I have actually got an actual Orange one, but i went for the closest shades i could find, so red-oranges basically. I am in love with them all so much its ridiculous. I really want to try Morange from MAC, so that is certainly on my list soon or i may buy it when I'm in NYC later this year. so excited. Again, i won't bore you, but full reviews and a video will be coming soon!

Finally, i was in London for about 3 hours the other day and i popped in the Kiko store in Regent Street. i live 30 -40 minutes from london, so i can visit often and don't stay there for long! I had watched Amelias, Barbaras and Lilys videos which all featured Kiko products, so of course it just seemed natural to go a bit cray and buy far to many bronze/brown eyeshadows. i really need to stop with this. Full reviews of them all will be up soon, but I'm very impressed with most of them so far. 

So yes, thats my haul, hope it wasn't too boring for you. I am going have a review week on my blog this week, so everyday there will be a review of these products here for you. I will do them in groups, so its not too boring, but be excited if you want to be that is... I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and don't forget a new post everyday this week! Zoe xxx

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