Thursday, 6 March 2014


If you got through those pictures your a trooper. Oh my god! I have seen Beyonce live. I can die happy now. Oh and to make it even better, i can add Jay Z into that equation. Life is officially made. From the picture above you can clearly see how happy i was before and my face is still like that. I am actually having serious withdrawal symptoms and really want to see her again now!

I went up with my mum, sister, cousin and auntie and we had a whale of a time. It was filled with fun and laughter with our family anything is always hilarious. My cousin Steph also known to me as nugg were so excited we couldn't contain our excitement. We are very close so we literally get along like a house on fire. We caught the train up and then get a Thames boat taxi to the O2 as some members of the family don't like the underground which is understandable, especially during rush hour. The boat was lovely, relaxing, a tad bumpy lucky i don't get sea sick, oh wait. nothing happened though. The view was lovely and we got to go under the tower bridge, which I've never seen in my 20 nearly 21 years of life have seen with my own eyes in person. tele and pictures don't count. The boat took about 30 minutes, but it was much nicer then the tube and you were guaranteed a seat! bonus cha ching

We got the O2 and headed straight for the mercy. Of course, we had to buy something. I really wanted a jumper, but they were so expensive. However, my lovely mumma treated myself and my sister to one. Nugg and I got ones that said surfboard and then my sister, also known as Kelly, got one with a B but a backwards B on it. thank mumma. As we were all a member of Sky, we headed up to the Sky lounge. OH. MY. GOD! It is incredible. If you are a sky broadband or tv member i think, you have to go here. It is completely free and so nice. We went into the green screen room first and I'm sure you can see we had a bit to much fun! We also had the offer to 'present' some news, but we skipped that step. We then headed up and had our picture taken with the Sky background thing. We got some dinner, which was very nice thanks to my auntie for paying and filling! We then had the opportunity to chill out before we had to go and find our seats. 

Once we had got to our seats, shuffled around, let people go past and everything like that, the support act came on. He was a DJ called Monsuier Adi. Not my cup of tea, but he entertained some people behind us which was hilarious and the people standing seemed to be moving. i couldn't see that far, they all looked like ants. Then, the BEYONCE flag thing came down. We did have to wait 45 minutes, but i will forgive the queen. She came on at 9. I loved the whole she-bang. I put a video up for you to watch. However, long story short, it was amazing, i love her, i want to be her, Jay Z came on, i thought i was going to have a heart attack, she is amazing. I don't think theres one work to sum her up, because she is everything. The whole concert was amazing, and although I've only ever been to 5 concerts, this is the best and i think will always be the best! The video isn't on my main channel as I'm not sure about the whole copyright thing with her music and whizz, but none the less, its a little montage of our day out. Before you watch it, its 20 minutes long. Be prepared and get some food and a drink. (not uploaded yet got around 2000 minutes to go..........)

I hope you have had a lovely week, its been quiet on here, i know but I'm in my final stages of uni now and this means, that i should do some work, i will try my best but i can promise everything. Thank you for reading!


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